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  • Faerie - Amazing product! Worth the price to try this whole set!!!

    I love this stuff so much! For one, like everyone else says, it smells amazing. A sweet spicy smell, some of the products smell a little more earthy and spicy than sweet.

  • Andrea Crawford - Poorly made game.

    I bought this game thinking it would be fun to have something in hand to serve as a gun. The fact that you can't aim and hit targets takes that away. I like others, spent an hour or so trying to calibrate it. It does not matter what screen size or distance to the semsor bar, it does not calibrate to the degree that you can enjoy playing the game. The game itself is too easy and nothing close to real hunting. I wish I had as many targets to shoot, whilehunting in real life.

  • Lisamarie Birtel - Adorable bat lights

    I absolutely love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday all year. I have ghosts all over my yard. Fake dummies dressed up and posed in the front yard. Fake tombstones and a Halloween wreath to top it off. But the one thing that is so hard to find is Halloween lights. You can find a bunch of Christmas lights all over. These are 20.7 feet long. And have thirty led purple bat lights. The best thing is they are solar powered. No more messing with extension cords. A full charge last a full eight hours. There are two different modes steady and flashing. I leave mine on steady so I can see the purple bat lights constantly.

  • A. Jozefowicz - begin your neighborhood arms race today!

    shipping may take some time but while i was waiting for my ore to arrive i told my neighbor that he should pay my electric bill or else i will begin R&D when my yellow cake arrives. i also launched a rocket my child made in science class over my neighbors home just to let him know i was serious. once the ore arrived, i began negotiations.

  • Amazon Customer - Kenra is the Best

    Kenra's products are just great for my short pixie haircut. You can use Texturizing Taffy sparingly and everything clicks right into place. Kenra products are used on clients at my salon. Superior product!