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  • LeDerrius - Dont skip a day!

    Doesnt burn my skin even during a workout or after a workout or when i start sweating like that its only really one step you have to wash off so i can use the scrub in the shower put the rest on and then go to work havent been long enough to be acne free yet but i feel like its working my skin feels good (side note do not use a lot of this more cream doesnt mean more acne removal give this about a 3 month test and see if you see a difference oh and dont skip a day)

  • Amazon Customer - No idea how to rate this program. It deserves 5 stars, and none.

    I don't know how many stars to give this. I am still processing. If you like having the wind slowly squeezed from your chest, then watch this.

  • Lynn - Product SUCKS

    This product SUCKS and the customer service is the worst. I have had mine for 3 years and have made numerous attempts to use it and consistently get an error. My skin is fair and hair is dark so there is absolutely no reason it should not work. When I have called the company the same woman from Canada who sounds like she is from Quebec and she is rude and she refuses to discuss the possibility that my machine is defective. I very rarely write reviews but I hope that no one experiences the frustration I have had with this inferior product.

  • Emilly LeDee - One charger for all my battery needs

    I got this along with multiple sizes of rechargeable batteries. With my new baby, all his toys needs lots of batteries different sizes so I stashed up on batteries and this charger works for all the different batteries.


    I used this product to remove surface scratches from black painted plastic on my motorcycle. It worked great! Be careful however, and don't rub too hard with the #1 tube compound. It will take your paint off! The #2 tube- the polish is probably some of the best polish that I've ever used. Left an excellent shine!