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RUStelefonen - snakk med oss om rusmidler - Lurer du på noe om rusmidler eller er du bekymret for eget eller andres rusbruk? RUStelefonen gir informasjon og veiledning. Du er helt anonym. Ta kontakt!

  • http://www.rustelefonen.no/drikkevett/ Drikkevett promillekalkulator app -Få kontroll på alkoholinntaket - RUStelefonen har utviklet en app og promillekalkulator for å få bedre kontroll på alkoholinntaket. Appen følger deg fra første drink og til dagen derpå.
  • http://www.rustelefonen.no/bekymret-for-noen-rusproblem-alkoholproblem/ Bekymret for noen med et rusproblem / alkoholproblem - RUStelefonen - Tips til deg som er bekymret for noen med et rusproblem eller et alkoholproblem. Les mer eller kontakt oss her.
  • http://www.rustelefonen.no/markedsforingskampanjer/presse-underside/ Presse og andre henvendelser - Ønsker du uttalelser fra RUStelefonen, eller gjelder det andre henvendelser, kontakt seksjonsleder Sturla Johansen.

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  • J. M. Marvin - Amazing info

    The author describes how she healed her cancer-riddled body with fresh juices after mainstream medicine's conventional slash-and-burn treatments failed to halt cancer's spread to her bones and brain. The doctors gave up and sent her home to die, but after just weeks of juicing she was completely cancer-free! It's good to know there's an alternative to surgery-chemo-radiation.

  • Rev. Rebecca A. Nagy - I wanted a program - not a sales pitch

    I had heard about this program from a friend - and since I know I have food allergies, was eager to dive into this book and get some weight off...seems this program doesn't work without the addition of tons of expensive products - most of them sold by the authors! Not worth the time...

  • J. bentz - my daughters love it though

    the gold edition and the included trial of the online content gives you so many options it is almost overwhelming. my daughters love it though.

  • Melissa Mendoza with B1tches N Books - Be prepared!

    Not your typical book by T. Gephart!!! It's dark, twisted and seriously insane!!! You will be left with your jaw hanging open!!!

  • Sean - Great bag...very versatile

    The best carry-on bag I have owned. Fits everywhere and has greater capacity than you would expect by looking at it. Because of its light weight and design, I also use this for carrying my workout gear to and from the gym, and sometimes as an everyday messenger bag, so it serves triple duty and I was able to get rid of other bags.

  • Much more soulful than their other efforts... - Much more soulful than their other efforts...

    ...though their other albums are each great in their own right. Actually, I heard "Protection" and "Mezzanine" before I picked up "Blue Lines", and I was amazed by the soulfulness of the latter. This album owes a lot to soul, R and B, and hip-hop, and it makes me wonder how the moniker "trip-hop" was born. Horace Andy is great on this album, much better than he is on "Mezzanine", and Tricky's good, too. The title track is my favorite, I love driving around the city and listening to it. Definitely get it!

  • AFNM - comfortable, easy to use and clean

    I got so happy when I first tried this chair at home and at restaurants!! it did work just fine!!! My 11 month old daughter (22 pounds and 29 inches) was pretty comfortable and happy!!! she loved that she was at the same level having dinner with us at restaurants and she could play and draw on the table, , besides seing the plates and foods!!!!