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S3 – Part of Capita Plc - S3 is a consulting and service led, Value Added Integrator of Data Storage and Storage Management Systems.

  • http://www.s3.co.uk/about About S3 – Part of Capita Plc - Solid State Solutions (S3), part of Capita Plc, was formed in 1988 as a Value Added Integrator of Data Storage, Compute and Storage Management Systems.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/about/capita-it-services-technology-solutions Capita IT Services, Technology Solutions - Capita IT Services is one of the largest IT services providers in the UK and a Tier 1 partner of industry leading technology vendors.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/about/our-team About the S3 Team - Meet our team of management, technical, finance, business development and sales staff.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/about/policies S3 Policies - Our policies include; environmental, equal opportunities, health & safety, anti bribery and CSR.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/about/terms-conditions S3 Terms & Conditions - S3 Ltd is committed to providing an ethical, safe and secure service. Read our Environmental, Equal Opportunity, Health & Safety and Anti-Bribery policies.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/about/nssa NSSA Framework - The NSSA is a purchasing framework that provides Universities and other members the ability to procure Server and Storage products with competitive pricing.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/about/awards S3 is an Award-winning Reseller & Partner - S3 is an ISO 9001 and 27001 registered firm and have twice been named the DCS awards Reseller of the Year.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/about/careers IT Storage Careers at S3 - If you’ve got a strong data storage and information management background and want a career in the IT storage industry, please get in touch.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/solutions IT and Storage Solutions from S3 - S3’s outstanding IT & storage solutions portfolio provides organisations with access to next generation and best of breed storage technologies.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/solutions/infrastructure-networking IT Network Infrastructure Solutions from S3 - S3 approach all projects by reviewing and evaluating an organisation’s network infrastructure requirements. Our solutions reduce cost and complexity.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/solutions/storage-management-software Software-Defined Storage Solutions from S3 - Our software-defined storage solutions give our customers confidence in their data back-ups, recovery and archiving.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/solutions/virtualisation Server Virtualisation Solutions from S3 - S3 's server virtualisation and flash solutions provide efficiency and resilience while lowering the costs associated with ownership and storage overheads.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/solutions/cloud-archiving Online Backup UK | Cloud & Archiving Solutions from S3 - S3 are the UK experts in online backup offering cloud technology designed to increase efficiency, capacity and also support rapid data recovery.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/solutions/big-data-analytics Big Data & Analytics Solutions from S3 - S3’s in-house team has the familiarity that comes with the experience of sourcing best fit solutions to manage big data and advanced analytics tools.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/solutions/converged-infrastructure Converged Infrastructure Solutions from S3 - S3 with their vendor agnostic, consultative approach can help you to deliver a Converged Infrastructure into your business.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/solutions/day-to-day-it S3 Day to Day IT - For over 25 years S3 have been supplying Data Storage and Data Management Systems, but did you know we can help with your day to day IT needs?
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/cloud Cloud Services from S3 - S3’s selection of cloud services include; Arkivum Assured Cloud Archive, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Object Storage and Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/cloud/hosting-and-co-location Colocation UK Services from S3 - S3 offers colocation services and hosting in the UK. Providing granular space, equating to anything from half a rack to a complete data haul.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/cloud/backup-as-a-service SafeGUARD | Backup as a Service from S3 - S3's bespoke backup as a service product, SafeGUARD allows end users to back-up and restore remotely over a secure encrypted internet connection.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/services S3's IT Services for Business - S3's IT services for business allow our customers to drive their business forward while we deliver the first-class IT to underpin performance.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/services/managed-services Managed IT Services from S3 - S3's managed IT services provide customers with the confidence to concentrate on their business while we maintain their IT environment and infrastructure.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/services/project-management IT Project Management Services from S3 - From planning and fulfilment, to installation, S3's IT project management services are tailored to meet your business objectives in a professional manner.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/services/quality-assurance Quality Assurance - S3’s commitment to excellence means that Quality Assurance is fundamental to our overall business approach as an ISO 9001 company.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/services/installation-technical-delivery Installation & Technical Delivery Services from S3 - Committed to maintaining our client’s business agility, S3's installation and technical delivery service is conducted by certified & accredited engineers.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/services/training Business IT Training Packages from S3 - S3 offers a variety of business IT training packages to empower any business to become more IT self-sufficient.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/services/strategic-consulting Strategic IT Consulting Services from S3 - S3's strategic IT consulting services are based on a deep knowledge of current & future technologies which make substantial contributions to clients success
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/services/express-risk-assessment Express Risk Assessment - Our Express Risk Assessment will outline your problem areas, prioritise risk, and give you concrete steps to take to improve your data security.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/support S3 Customer Support - S3's support desk team team is able to offer rapid response support in order to troubleshoot any technical problem our customers may experience.
  • http://www.s3.co.uk/support/contact-support Call the Support Desk or Log an Issue - Our support desk team is able to respond quickly to your technical questions on hardware and software products, as well as fault and vendor management.

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