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  • Debra Jean Hudson - Ireland interesting

    I was mostly interested in the article about Ireland and it was not very long but fairly good the rest of the articles did not grab me.

  • jhay - 15 feet above ground vinyl pool

    Wow! I had slow leak for a months wasting water filling up, bout to give up after trying different methods my last resort and it works. A got above ground vinyl pool 15 feet round. It's dry like you won't believe. It was molding on the bottom for months. Now just have to see how long will it seal.. update late.. happy customer

  • J.August - It died after 4 months of use

    For the amount that this product costs I expected it to work for a few years, everything was working fine until it started to shut off by itself and now it doesn't even power on anymore. I've only used it 4 months and this is coming from someone who really takes care of his electronics. About the actual hair result, they say you should notice some kind of difference within the first 6 months so I haven't had the opportunity to reach that far. I did noticed a shinier and stronger hair but I also use Propicia, Biotin, and Rogain regularly. Be aware about product warranty if you buy it as this comb should work for at least 5 years, not 4 months.

  • JayInAtlanta - A+ entertainment system and a great deal

    My Xbox One with Kinect is everything I wanted and more and I'm glad I got it on Day One, though the deal prices today are astoundingly better. Yes, it's superb for gameplay and I'll discuss that. But even though Microsoft was mocked for this, I must say it's true that with Kinect you get a surprisingly awesome entertainment system: almost a home-automation system (with voice orders like "Xbox, play music" and "Xbox, go to ESPN" or "Xbox Bing Billions" [get Bing to take you directly to a game or show, return web results in its integrated web browser]). Setup was extremely easy and the automatic integration with my AT&T Uverse TV was amazing even to a gadget lover like me, since it knew all my TV channels and can change them by voice, or even suggest shows for me with the integrated OneGuide. Using Skype on Xbox One is also a great experience.

  • Ashley W. - This stuff works wonders!!!!

    With a healthy colon, you should have a bowel movement everyday. This helped to regulate my system and cleanse me of toxins and processed foods that have been backing me up for a long time. It's a great jump start to weight loss. I used this for 10 days and it helped me rid 10 pounds of waste from my colon. When you have a clean colon it's easier to lose weight and I was able to lose 10 more pounds easily through a healthy diet and exercise. Don't keep eating processed foods on this cleanse. You will hate yourself for it because your stomach WILL hurt. Lol. Eating raw fruits and veggies with lean vegetables will aid in better weight loss and an overall better experience.

  • Elakshi - Not Foxbrim's best product...won't buy again

    Maybe I didn't use this cream long enough, because I couldn't detect any visible improvement. I also don't like the intense, almost offensive, smell of this product. The essential oils this cream contains are very strong, and they are the reason that it smells like a medical foot cream...