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  • Dawn D. Johnson - Missing Punctuation and misplaced pictures

    I thought the stories were great, however some of the stories had no periods. It is difficult for a seven year old to read without periods. Also, the pictures were in the wrong stories. Like the whole thing was out of sinc. I guess it could be my kindle but I have not had this problem with other books.

  • Alice - The Screen Crack Problem is Real

    I like the Chromebook, but I will NEVER purchase another Samsung Chromebook. In fact, I will not purchase another Samsung product until the company acknowledges that the problem with their screens cracking under normal use is a defect, and not the result of misuse. I purchased my first Chromebook for my daughter last Christmas. In terms of functionality, it was exactly what we expected. Eight months later, the screen developed a crack. I read about this problem on several review sites, and also read that Samsung was not acknowledging that this was a problem with the product. Since I had purchased the Square Trade warranty with the first machine, I went ahead and used that to replace the Chromebook. Less than three weeks later, the second machine developed a crack in the screen. This time I did go through the process with Samsung's customer service and sent the machine to Texas to have it evaluated. As expected, that company (Intelisol) stated that the cracked screen would not be covered under warranty. I want to make it clear that neither machine was subject to any rough handling or extreme conditions. The screen cracks under NORMAL use. Yes, I only paid $250 for the Samsung product, but I bought it under the reasonable expectation that it would function well for at least a year under normal conditions. I will not throw $250 away again. For that matter, I will not throw away the $50 it would cost to replace the screen (a product that is now available on Amazon, by the way). There is no reason to believe that the new screen won't crack just as easily as the first two did.

  • logicalgwen99 - Removes henna.

    Works great on henna. I have been using natural red henna on my hair for several years and just wanted a change, so i bought the product. my hair was a dark red and i wanted to go back to my natural light brown. I followed instructions specific to henna removal online at this link http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/showthread.php?t=85463. Very happy how it turned out.

  • Dennis Vanmeter - Great Stuff

    I've been using this product for yrs i see reviews it doesn't work well for those reviews your not reading the instructions an ur stll smokin if u can't take a break for 72,hrs you DID NOT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, this product has NEVER let me down i use both the pill also The Stuff my opinion is the Best on the market today for THC removal

  • Jordan Jones - Handy Handbook

    I ordered this book for school and liked it so much I brought it to the office for others to pick up, great for all management positions to learn a little something about HR.