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SciMed - Scientific & Medical Products - We assist and advise scientists and technicians with specialist interests in many areas, including: High Pressure Reactors, Calorimetry, Electrochemistry, Thermal Analysis, High Pressure Systems, CO2 Capture/Storage, Powder Flow, Powder Drying, XRF Spectrometers, Hand Held Raman, Ultrasonic Processing, Elemental Analysis

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  • Shelly K. - All Day Energy Greens

    In two weeks my skin looked great. haven't noticed ant weight loss yet, but I did have energy to get me through a full day of teaching and then all my home chores as well. I just felt good, healthy, had the energy I had when I was younger.

  • A Traveler - Great for mild allergy symptoms

    I live in Central Texas, where allergens abound, and I'm allergic to one thing or another here year-round. My symptoms range from mild to pretty severe, so I take a prescription antihistamine every day and am doing the allergy shot regime. I also take D-Hist. Because I'd much prefer to take something all-natural, I've tried D-Hist a few times on its own, but it's just not strong enough for my symptoms. But then, the prescription doesn't completely do the job either. What I've found is that the prescription medication does most of the work, and D-Hist is great at handling the remainder, so I feel great most of the time. The allergy shots are helping, too, but they still need some time, so I'll stick with my D-Hist and antihistamine combo in the meantime. If your allergy symptoms are mild, I suspect D-Hist might be all you need.

  • Honest Opinion - I like the fact that there is no deodorizer so nothing ...

    Bought this to go in my AC closet. Is working as I have went from a noticeably musty smell to a faint musty smell. I like the fact that there is no deodorizer so nothing is being masked. I had only used the little tubs that had a perforated lid on top and a space in the borttom of the tub for the water to drain to. I could poor off the excess water and refill as needed. I could also gauge how much water was being collected. Unable to do that with this Hi-Capacity container as it has a non removable paper top (huge do not remove all over it lol) I can also not tell how much water has collected as does not appear to have space at the bottom for the drainage. This is more a place and forget container.

  • Deidra Collins - Great wraps - WRONG site!

    Ok, as a person who has been using these for a little over a year now, I will say they do work 110% BUT (and this is a BIG BUT) for those who are not getting expected results, this could be for multiple reasons. The biggest reason I can see for those buying off this site is that the person selling them to you has allowed them to get old and dry out. These wraps only have a 1 year shelf life which is why it is recommended that you buy from a direct distributor! Not to mention, you get them for MUCH cheaper as a loyal customer. The person selling these in Amazon, Ebay or Craigslist are completely out of compliance and worse yet, can be sending you expired products. To see what this is really about and ensure you get UNEXPIRED products, go to and they are shipped directly from the It Works warehouse with easy return/exchanges policies. Your money is earned... Don't just give it away without you getting something of value back! God bless and I hope you all have an amazing Monday :-)

  • DbleD's - Light relief

    I'm very happy w/the Light Relief I purchased along w/the Large Pad.The biggest compliant I have is the unit was supposed to have a Long Strap to use My order did NOT contain the Long strap & trying to get one was useless I called Light Relief toll free # I got some girl in India, She said would check on my request for a long strap She didn't come back phone went dead so I called again could not understand the guy named "Steve" (In India)so I requested someone that could speak "English" he gave me another toll free number which I immediately dialed they said "Someone will call you back" )NEVER DID so next day I try again to get a long strap this time was told to call the Company I ordered it from I did they referred me to Light Relief I tried Light Relief again.....they said were unable to help me that I can send this one back & reorder another unit FROM THEM That be a migraine headache So I called Amazon as last resort THEY were very helpful gave me credit on next order from Amazon Still no long strap but am more satisfied than trying to deal w/Light Relief. Light Relief outsouces to India & I found them very difficult to talk to & understand If don't want to talk to you they will just disconnect My unit works just fine & like it but Light Relief has terrible customer support I repeat terrible support