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SCSL Health | improving patient outcomes and choice - We know technology has a vital role to play in the future of healthcare, which is why we focus on developing software which improve patient outcomes & choice.

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  • https://www.scslhealth.com/inrstar/inrstar-analytics/ INRstar analytics - central reporting tool for AC providers - Transform the way you work with and monitor anticoagulation (AC) services across your area so that you can provide a better, more effective service.
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  • https://www.scslhealth.com/news/scslhealth-home-of-inrstar-to-rebrand-as-lumiradx-care-solutions/ SCSLhealth, home of INRstar to rebrand as LumiraDx Care Solutions - SCSLhealth, home of the UK’s leading software for anticoagulation management, is to be rebranded as LumiraDx Care Solutions. This development follows the
  • https://www.scslhealth.com/news/cornish-company-acquired-by-global-health-group-lumiradx/ Cornish company acquired by global health group LumiraDx - Camborne-based INRstar has been acquired by LumiraDx, a global health group. The company which provides the UK’s leading software for anticoagulation management
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  • Kiley Phillips - Worked for me.....

    Taking halo and nano vapor together is a rediculous mix. Having the pre and post workout pump up is awesome. I was takin a double dose of nano vapor before I lifted, popped at least 10 of my BCAA's during my workout and chased it with halo after, and it worked great! It's all about consistancy...don't take a little one day, stop, then a little another day, continue taking it and it will work for you. I easily went through 2 bottles of Halo and I was benching close to 375, and grew considerably on my chest and back. I gave it a 4 based on the taste. I do agree with the above review, it does taste like menthol and chalk mixed together, just plug your nose and roll with it...highly recommend.

  • Carlos - 3 WORDS: DOES NOT WORK.

    I bought this for my grandmother thinking it would even remotely worth is price, but I was wrong. This does not work at all.

  • Leah H. - Steam: Yes! Sweep: Not so much

    I would give the Bissell Steam & Sweep 1 star for sweeping, 1 star for performing both tasks together and 4 or 4.5 stars for steaming. I had read many reviews, so was not expecting to be able to sweep and steam together, but I was kind of surprised to see the enclosed directions even say "for best results" to sweep the floor before steaming. It seems to me if you know your product doesn't really work as advertised, perhaps you should change your advertisements.

  • laurelyn - Kills ALL Bugs, Can Cause Diarrhea

    I have tried just about every product on the market. For 12 cats and 3 dogs in a warm climate, fleas can shut us all down hard. EVOLV works very well, and the strong smell goes away within an hour.

  • Jennifer N. Webb - My Parent Child Testing Product is Great! Really Really Great!

    Help me, I'm scared. Yesterday I was shopping on amazon when I stumbled upon this the Parent Child Testing Product page. I'm a toy collector, so you know, I was checking to see if there were any new Wolverines I don't have... but I saw this and decided to check it out. I DIDN'T ORDER IT! I didn't make any purchases at all. But today I received a box in the mail... they come in a 5-pack...did you see that? I don't know what happened.. but they're here now and I don't know what to do. I thought at first it must be some kind of mistake so I sat the box aside to return tomorrow... that was around 2pm I think. Please you gotta understand... I'm here alone. I need help. The next time I came into the room the box was empty and the five of them were lined up on my coffee table! They've been watching me all afternoon. They remain totally still while I walk around but when I sneak a peek at them suddenly their facing me again, just staring! I'm scared. I think they can hear me so I'm afraid to call the police. And what's worse is that I keep hearing this chittering sound that I swear is coming from the one on the left! I tried to leave the house but they must of known I was fleeing because once I laid my hand on the doorknob it was like all the air went out of the room and the next thing I knew I was laying on the couch RIGHT NEXT TO THE COFFEE TABLE WHERE THEY ARRREE!!! I'm afraid! Please send someone! You gotta understand, I do not have children! I repeat: I do not have a child! ...I think they're here for me... oh god help me...

  • Jeffrey B - Almost perfect

    Good looking and light weight. Still getting compliments on the bag. Would be 5 star if one strap (handle) that is on the bottom of the bag was on the reverse side that is the same side with the solid handle. Otherwise its been great.