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Harrisburg Criminal Defense Attorney | Carlisle, PA Drug Crimes Law Firm - The Harrisburg criminal defense attorneys at Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC, provide criminal defense legal services by calling 717-827-4074 or 866-765-0706.

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  • http://www.shafferengle.com/Harrisburg-PA-Office-Location.shtml Harrisburg, PA, Office Location | Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC - The Harrisburg Criminal Defense Attorneys at Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC provide criminal defense legal services by calling 717-827-4074 or 866-765-0706.
  • http://www.shafferengle.com/Firm-Overview.shtml Central Pennsylvania Criminal Law Attorney | Harrisburg Sex Crimes & Traffic Violation Lawyer - Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC, has defended clients in central Pennsylvania for over 65 years. Call us at 717-827-4074 to start protecting your rights.
  • http://www.shafferengle.com/Attorneys/ Attorneys | Shaffer & Engle Law Offices | Harrisburg Pennsylvania - The attorneys at Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC, have over 65 years of criminal defense experience. Call 717-827-4074 to put a skilled advocate on your side!
  • http://www.shafferengle.com/Practice-Areas/ Harrisburg Criminal Defense Lawyer | Carlisle PA Sex Crimes Attorney - Shaffer & Engle has protected the rights of Pennsylvania residents since 1951. Contact us at 717-827-4074 and put our 65+ years of experience to work for you.
  • http://www.shafferengle.com/Articles/ Articles | Shaffer & Engle | Harrisburg Pennsylvania - They say the best defense is a good offense. Learn more about DUI arrests, hit-and-run law and other criminal law topics here, or call 717-827-4074.
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  • http://www.shafferengle.com/Attorneys/Jeffrey-B-Engle.shtml Jeffrey B. Engle, Esquire | Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC | Harrisburg Pennsylvania - The law firm of Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC provides criminal defense legal services to the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, area. To contact an experienced attorney, call 717-827-4074 or 866-765-0706.
  • http://www.shafferengle.com/Personal-Injury/ Harrisburg Personal Injury Lawyer | Carlisle, PA Accident Injury Attorney - At Shaffer & Engle, we represent those injured in car accidents, animal attacks, boating accidents and more. Call 717-827-4074 to learn more.
  • http://www.shafferengle.com/Federal-Crimes/ Harrisburg Federal Crimes Lawyer | Carlisle White Collar Crime Attorney - Not many firms have the experience to handle federal crimes. The lawyers of Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC, do. Call 717-827-4074 to learn more.
  • http://www.shafferengle.com/Sex-Crimes/ Harrisburg Sex Crimes Attorney PA | Carlisle Sexual Assault Lawyer - Accused with a sex crime? You need an aggressive attorney with experience holding the prosecution to its high burden of proof. Call 717-827-4074 today.
  • http://www.shafferengle.com/State-Crimes/ Pennsylvania State Crimes Lawyer | Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC - From DUI to serious theft charges, Shaffer & Engle has 65+ years of experience defending those accused of various state crimes. Call us at 717-827-4074 today!
  • http://www.shafferengle.com/Pre-Arrest/ Harrisburg Pre-Arrest Lawyers | Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC | - The experienced criminal defense lawyers at Shaffer & Engle, located in Harrisburg, can begin representing you during the pre-arrest process.
  • http://www.shafferengle.com/Harrisburg-Attorneys-for-Appellate-Counsel/ Harrisburg Attorneys for Appellate Counsel | Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC | - Appealing a criminal conviction requires extreme diligence and knowledgeable insight. Shaffer & Engle has both. Call us at 717-827-4074 for more information.
  • http://www.shafferengle.com/DUI-Defense/ Harrisburg DUI Defense Attorney | Carlisle PA Drinking and Driving Lawyer - Charged with a DUI? At Shaffer & Engle, we'll put together an effective defense strategy focused on the specifics of your case. Call 717-827-4074 today.
  • http://www.shafferengle.com/Traffic-Violations/ Harrisburg Traffic Violations Attorney | Carlisle Reckless Driving Lawyer - Before you pay a traffic fine, learn about your options to protect your driving record. Call Shaffer & Engle at 717-827-4074 to speak with our skilled lawyers.
  • http://www.shafferengle.com/Juvenile-Criminal-Defense/ Harrisburg Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer | Carlisle - We fight against the stigma of being labeled a "juvenile delinquent" and protect teens' rights against a variety of juvenile crimes. Call 717-827-4074 today.
  • http://www.shafferengle.com/Practice-Areas/Probation-and-Parole-Violations.shtml Probation and Parole Violations Lawyer Harrisburg PA | Carlisle Criminal Defense Attorney - Violating your parole or probation carries serious consequences, including additional charges. Call us at 717-827-4074 to discuss your defense options.

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    I purchased this shelf so I could fill it with various sized framed family photos. It looks great in my living room! My collection of photos looks great on the shelves. I like that it is open so I can see the photos from the sides too. Easy to assemble & looks great!

  • Cassi - Great sound. lightweight, but a little lite on extra features

    Bluetooth headsets. I have been through lots of them. Between my son and I we are using them constantly. I am always excited when I buy a new set of headphones. These are necklace style headphones. The ear buds magnetically attach to the battery areas of the headset that is around the neck. I do not feel as held together as I do with the retractable earbuds. The back of these are a little flimsy feeling too. The advantage to that is that it is lighter than other headsets of the same style. The earpieces come with multiple sizes to ensure a comfy fit. The listening time is only about 2 to 3 hours, where the others that I have had of the necklace style have gone well over 4 hours. So, weighing the options is the weight more important or is the stamina? Also, the sound of these are very comparable to other high end necklace style headphones. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a lightweight necklace style set of headphones. The microphone is noise cancelling and the controls are fairly easy to use. It paired with my iPhone immediately. Price? Worth it. So, think about what priorities are, because it does not have to cost a fortune to get a good sound.

  • Krista D - 4.5 Stars

    I would give it a 4.5 but this computer does come pre-installed with a lot of bloat wear. Meaning software and program companies pay bit brand computer computer big dollars for computers to be sold pre-installed with there software. Many computer companies are doing this these days. The bad thing is this bloat where is exactly as it sounds it makes your computer run slow as hell sometimes to the point of freezing. Removing the bloat where is a good option and improves the computer greatly. Only thing is some of the bloat wear on the computer is asus bloat wear and removing the wrong thing could make the computer crash or become worse. Its best if you know how to properly unistall programs or get someone who does. This being said with the effort or removing bloat wear and now with doing computer updates. Its losing a star and a half because of the work to get it to be a good working and fun functioning computer. I give this computer a 4.5 star because with updates and bloat wear removal it works really good.