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Shorty Shoots » Music Photography by Leanne Graham - Short Sounds is a Music Photography venture: freelancing for Live music photography and available for commisioned Portrait work including artist and band promo.

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  • T& E WELLS - My personal experience

    This product is effective, but you will get hungry. I use it as a jump start to my weight loss plan, which includes moderate exercise such as walking and a modified diet. By modified diet I mean I can still eat my regular foods, just not as much and I stop eating sweets at 4 pm and I increase my water intake to about a gallon a day. You should only drink a gallon of water a day if you are excercising. If your are not exercising stick to eight (8oz's) glasses of water per day.

  • C.Kelly - Flea Market on your phone.

    This is an addictive app. it is basically like going to a flea market in Asia. The prices are ridiculous. the products are better than expected and the shipping cheap or free. the only downside is for those people that have instant gratification issues. the item usually does not arrive before 3 weeks because for cheap shipping it comes on a slow boat. the upside of that is if you are like me and getting older and you buy something by the time it arrives you are pleasantly surprised lol...