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  • Joyce - Awesome product compared to others.

    I bought one for myself since I work in my home, and prefer a mic system instead of talking on speaker phone. No issues at all! Clients can hear me clearly, and vice versa! Love it so much, I bought one for my husband since he travels for work and drives a lot. He loves it, too! Reasonably priced. Easy installation. Comfortable to wear. LOVE IT!

  • Michelle from Ohio - PERFECT table chair

    we bought this table chair because it seemed fairly small and easy to fold up. It is light, easy to carry, and small. It has fit at every restaurant we have tried to take it to, and also fits on our kitchen counter/breakfast bar. Very durable, easy to clean, and comfortable. It doesn't have bulky poles sticking out like all of my friend's portable chairs. They all ask me where I got this chair. My son is 7 months, and about 21 lbs already, fits him perfectly. The other thing I love that this chair has that most don't, is there is a little seatbelt inside that holds him in the center of the chair if you would like to use it. My friend's chicco chair doesn't have this and he slides all around in that one. OVERALL PERFECT CHAIR.

  • R.A. - She did like the pictures

    It's a cute idea for helping young kids start to think about the idea of comparison and context, but I found that the four year old I was reading this to didn't seem to understand what was being expressed *at all.* Even just a few more words of clarification early on in the text itself would've helped, I think. Of course we talked about each picture, and about what the story was trying to tell us, but her usual mountain of questions and her own generally spot-on explanations of what she's hearing and seeing dwindled to nothing while we read this together. I've never seen her remain silent through an entire book. She just didn't seem to see or care about what was being addressed at all, so it was, for her, just a series of "no" statements.She did like the pictures.

  • nemil - Great Product - But Don't Buy on Amazon!

    This is a great product, does exactly what it says it will. I've used it after exercise and it cuts down the recovery time considerably. And it helped me sleep.

  • inspector5385 - The album is? is it art or a Shiatsu massager for the mind?

    I am a sucker for the weird and different: well this album is different and off-beat. I actually saw Corey's performance on the Today Show and was intrigued. The performance was something on the level of performance art or it could have been the last gasp of a 45 year old man's sanity; not really sure which one it is. I'm still trying to make sense of the music, not sure if I should rock out or laugh but I am oddly listening to it over and over again. Still deciding if I just threw away $18.99 or just made a good purchase that I can freak my friend out with.

  • T Rose - Not for me

    I run a small business and have used quickbooks for years. I figured I'd give Sage a shot but I ended up bailing on the conversion. I spoke with my accountant about quickbooks/sage and he said less than a half a percent of his clients use it and he wouldnt recommend switching over.

  • Robert - I really wanted to find a great gaming keyboard

    It is impressive with all its benefits, starting with the design and ending with each key feature. I really wanted to find a great gaming keyboard, as I am part of an international team of gamers and I spend a lot of time in front of the computer playing my favorite games. In this game I need a highly responsive keyboard, with fast-paced keys and easy to adjust to my needs. That’s why I recommend this keyboard to all addictive gamers as they won’t be disappointed if they’ll choose it.