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Asociación Latinoamericana de Sistemas Integrados para la Movilidad Urbana Sustentable – SIMUS - SIMUS trabaja bajo una metodología de benchmarking y hoy cuenta con 28 de los más avanzados sistemas de transporte público y cerca de 30 representantes de la industria y operadores privados cómo asociados.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Pamela Robinson - HD Clear ANTENNA

    HDclear did not provide anymore channels than were already there at but those do seem to be coming in better most of the time THANKS

  • CoffeeOwl - It's now my favorite daily mouse for gaming and general PC usage

    It's now my favorite daily mouse for gaming and general PC usage. Battery lasts a long time, and plugging it in via the USB cable recognizes the mouse as a wired device, bypassing the wireless and giving you authentic dual-options: you can go either wired, or wireless. The wired cable is not just a charging cable -- it is a genuine connection just like any other USB cable mouse. Super accurate, lots of options in the software, and excellent build quality. It has the most satisfying button clicks of any mouse I've ever used. Comparing this mouse to other mice is almost like comparing a mechanical keyboard to membrane keyboards -- it's almost that big of a difference.

  • Ethan Clegg - A bit too ambitious for a 3DS game

    This game is a prequel to the Wii U title, LEGO City Undercover. Don't go into it expecting much, though. The limitations of the 3DS make it impossible to render objects far away, so there's a LOT of fog effects. As a result, the world feels pretty empty a lot of the time. The loading times make it frustrating to play, too. I, myself, enjoyed it despite all this, but I wouldn't say it's really worth the full price of a 3DS game. The problem here was, they were trying to make a game of a scale that was WAY bigger than the 3DS could handle. They bit off more than the 3DS could chew!

  • Robin J. Lange - Not what it used to be, and it costs you to find that out.

    Having used Kaspersky for a few years I felt safe in upgrading. Big mistake. It crashes and throws up warnings for no apparent reason - and submitting help tickets is like howling into the wilderness. No responses other than that they've received your notice. Impossible to get to a real person. And should you make the mistake, like I did, of taking longer than 30 days to try to get this to work then you, like I, will get absolutely no refund - no discussion, no attempts to help, just a little email quoting their Iron Clad Holy Thirty Day Rule. So I've learned my lesson - I've literally paid to learn my lesson, and have moved on to a different Internet Security program.

  • zoekat - My car has pretty low mileage for its age at just 110

    I used this product in my 2001 Subaru Outback with a "nothing to lose" attitude. My car has pretty low mileage for its age at just 110,000. And it still looks good. I had been quoted over 2000 dollars to fix and I decided that it was probably time to think about a new car. The leak was small and the dealership recommended not fixing and just watching my oil levels. The thing is, I hate having to worry about oil drips in the driveway and other people's driveways. So just living with it leaking was not going to last long for me.