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Sigmoid Pharma | Oral drug delivery systems | SmPill® | LEDDS® - Sigmoid Pharma is based in Dublin, Ireland and it's a privately-held biotech company which was founded in 2003

  • http://www.sigmoidpharma.com/aboutus.asp Innovative and Proprietary oral pharmaceutical products for transplantation, GI disease and neurodegeneration - Sigmoid Pharma Ltd. is developing a portfolio of innovative and proprietary oral pharmaceutical products in the areas of transplantation, GI disease and neurodegeneration.
  • http://www.sigmoidpharma.com/the_company.asp Sigmoid Pharma: LEDDS® is its proprietary oral pharmaceutical formulation technology - Sigmoid Pharma is headquartered at the “Invent Centre” advanced technologies incubator on the campus of Dublin City University in Ireland’s capital city.
  • http://www.sigmoidpharma.com/directors_management.asp Sigmoid Pharma - Directors and Senior Management - Sigmoid is privately financed and is led by an experienced team of senior executives
  • http://www.sigmoidpharma.com/productinfo.asp Sigmoid Pharma | Developing products with LEDDS® and SmPill® technologies - Sigmoid is developing a number of products of its own, each incorporating the Company’s LEDDS® & SmPill® technologies. The three most advanced projects are novel formulations being developed for indications in gastro-intestinal disease, transplantation and neuro-degeneration.
  • http://www.sigmoidpharma.com/ProprietaryTechnology.asp Sigmoid Pharma | LEDDS® | SmPill® | Proprietary Technologies - Sigmoid's LEDDS® and SmPill® technologies provide a range of opportunities to enhance and accelerate drug absorption following oral administration and at the same time ensure that drug release occurs at specific sites in the GI tract
  • http://www.sigmoidpharma.com/Partnering.asp Strategic Partnerships with developers or manufacturers of drugs - Sigmoid Pharma is developing its own pipeline of proprietary formulations in the therapeutic areas of transplantation, gastro-intestinal disease and neuro-degeneration.
  • http://www.sigmoidpharma.com/News.asp Sigmoid Pharma - Announcements and news items - In recent clinical proof-of-concept studies, a LEDDS-formulated hydrophobic active achieved a 50% increase in drug uptake and a 4-fold increase in the rate of uptake compared to an equal amount of the active administered per a marketed oral formulation
  • http://www.sigmoidpharma.com/contact.asp Sigmoid Pharma, The Invent Centre, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland - Sigmoid Pharma is headquartered atthe “Invent Centre” on the campus of Dublin City University.

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  • Marianne - Didn't really see any significant change

    I decided to try this product as friends advised that I should develop some sort of anti-aging regime as I approach the big 40. Previously, my routine was soap and water. Saw these products at a mall kiosk and decided to try them.

  • sonogirl2001 - almost unbelieveable...

    I am an average 33 year old, and always needing to lose a few pounds. Like every other mother and busy contributor to society, I've gained and lost over the years. While I'm not overly obese, I need to lose about 30 lbs. I've tried most diets out there on the market, including the famous hcg drops. That did work, and I did lose about 20....but it was time consuming in preparing the food and timing the drops etc etc. I was surprised two weeks ago thumbing through Southern Living magazine and saw a full page ad on this product, as I'd never heard of it before that day. So I ordered it and couldn't wait to try it. I started on a Tuesday and was 170 lbs. Fast forward to a week later and my weight was 161.2.............. nearly 10 lbs in 7 days. And the best part? It truly is 99% fat loss. My scrubs fit super loose, my body feels better than on any diet I've ever tried before. I do a shake in the morning: 6 tbs of almased, 1 tsp of cocoa, 1 tsp stevia, 1 tsp of flax or almond or coconut oil. It tastes absolutely great. For those that complain about the taste , I could imagine that they are used to eating something like McDonalds and taco bell everyday, so ofcourse it's going to taste odd. But for those serious enough about finally getting fit and healthy: go for it. I'm going to do the full 14 day liquid phase. Oh, and I did make my own veggie broth out of about 20 different veggies. Seasoned it with chicken buyon and pepper. I drink bowls of that in between the shakes. I also did take some commenters' advice about making as many shakes as you needed to keep you extra full and not hungry during the first couple of days.

  • AnnMarie - Very dissapointed

    I purchase the Hair loss shampoo, conditioner and the grow new hair oil back in April. After Using it all this time there has been no new hair growth. I wasted $100. The only good thing I can say for my own experience is that I really like the smell.

  • Brienna Shacklock - Aptly titled! I'm suffering for more more more!

    Once again I'm astounded by the way this man writes! Such emotion pulled from reading these words. This book, like the other 2 before it, is so descriptive that you feel like you are right in the midst of it. You can almost feel the hellfire and smell the sulfur when Daajal is present. I can feel the emotions running through each of the characters, both good and bad. The depth of the development of this world never ceases to amaze me!

  • Amazon Customer - An encyclopedia for the open minded, seeking answers to questions that might never be answered elsewhere.

    A great read for the ones looking for answers not mentioned in the history books. I didn't have to surf around the pages to find what I wanted to read first, the index is setup in a way that its easy to pick the topic of you interest. Recommended.

  • Striving for Fair & Balanced - Humidity not accurate. LCD quit functioning 2 days into it

    I need to keep my humidity levels good since I just adopted a parrot, so I bought this to use as a hygrometer to measure the humidity in our house. I did a salt test to make sure it's accurate, since I've always been taught you must calibrate hygrometers. The salt test consists of putting salt in a bottlecap about 3/4 full, pouring in enough water to moisten the salt but not enough to have standing water and then enclosing the bottlecap with the salt mixture in a sandwich sized ziplock bag along with the hygrometer, seal it up and let it sit for 24 hours. It should read 75%. I expected a variance of 2 or 3%, however, it came up as 86%. I retested the next day using a different ziplock bag and got 81%! It should've been the same. I was going to calibrate it by subtracting 6 degrees, but low & behold, it can't be calibrated. So then I decided to put a sticky note on it reminding me to subract 6% from the reading. So three days after receiving it, I sit it out in my living room hoping to have a reading by the time I get home from work, only to get home and see that only 1/2 the LED display is working. I changed the battery and same result.