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  • Jay Man - Awesome TV for PS3 and PS4!

    Unless you need the 3D support, I would stay away from a smart TV. I have several TV's and game consoles and can't not stand smart TV's! No matter how I adjust them and what brand I get, I can't get rid of the lag! Smart tv's are not that great, at times they hang and the apps never get updated so after a couple years, the apps like Netflix and Amazon no longer work.

  • robert m - why have you not bought this?

    If you like to read mathematics and are wondering what others are doing this is a good read. I have the last few years worth and will continue to get them as long as they pursue their current level of quality.

  • V. Vang - Works great at first but it just stopped one day

    Loved this NuWave ove! The food tastes so much better and my kids loved everything I cook with the NuWave. I tell to everyone I know about how great it is. Then one day, it just stopped working. No electrical, no fan, etc... I called the manufacture and got an exchange (thank God, it was still under warranty -- 1 year).


    This is an okay game. After getting it, I immediately went to the Road to the World Cup (qualifying) mode. The first thing I noticed was that the gameplay was barely improved from the 2010 version (I had recently played it in anticipation for this one). Better, but not significantly. However, the graphics are noticeably better. In that moment, I would have given this 4 or 5 stars. Hours of gameplay later, I got to the final squad selector, where you choose your final squad. At this point I saved in case I want to play again later with a different squad. The first thing I noticed was that selector was ridiculously confusing, especially without a game manual. After 10 minutes of trying to figure it out, I finally was able to get a squad that I was okay with, although not necessarily happy with. So I advance to the final tournament. Now I have to set my lineup for the first match, but wait, where are the players I grudgingly accepted? Somehow, they got replaced by other completely random players. The starting 11 I had used through qualifying was there but my bench was different. Great! I've invested hours into qualifying and training to increase the form of players I planned on taking to the World Cup, many of whom I was unable to select in the final 23 selector. Now, all but 11 were gone. In the moment, I was mildly upset. Then I remembered I had saved before the selector. I'll just go back and fix it and maybe this time I can get my squad I wanted originally! Nope! 5 tries later and I'm still not able to pick the squad I truly want and I'm getting random players on the bench. At this point, I'm so disappointed that I decide to contact ea support to see if I'm missing anything. I go onto ea's website and sign in with my ea (origin) account. I fill out every form and go to submit my question and problem and I have to sign in again. However, after multiple attempts, I am unable to sign in. I opened a new tab and was able to sign in there. I can't contact customer support for this games critical problems. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IF YOU ARE BIG INTO THE QUALIFYING MODE or want to choose a different squad than the true one.

  • Matt Francois - great cube

    Good cube but not as depicted in the picture. A true v cube, with the v facing up and the black side facing towards you would have blue on TOP and orange on left. The only criticism I will give to this cube is that it locks up quite a bit.

  • Kerri - would not recommend, also runs very small

    Was not as pictured, smelled really bad, the sleeves were too short for me, and the zipper pull broke first thing

  • Lyndsey - My kids love their LeapPads

    Like many others, I bought this LeapPad for Christmas. My kids wanted an iPad, but they're not getting an iPad until Mama gets an iPad. So, we surprised them with their own LeapPads. They love the games and I love that they're learning something.