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SneezeToronto, Inflamax Research Inc. - Home - SneezeToronto, Inflamax Research Inc. - Inflamax Research Inc. Specializing in Allergy, Asthma, COPD, and Ocular Clinical Research - If you participate in clinical trials, you will contribute to the future of healthcare. You will also be compensated for your time, and your participation could help improve the quality of life for people around the world. Here is your opportunity to join Toronto’s participant database consisting of more than 35,000 volunteers with asthma, allergy, arthritis, obesity and diabetes as well as healthy participants!

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  • CheChe B - and still working great. Small footprint is wonderful compared to the hulking ...

    Six months in, and still working great. Small footprint is wonderful compared to the hulking desktop it replaced. I already had a external cd drive for my netbook, so I can pull it out to use with this computer when needed, which has been rare. I am not a gamer, I only use if for the internet, youtube, spreadsheet and MS word. I has performed very well.

  • Sloan - Weathertech IS the GOODS!

    Weathertech mats are Far & Away the best mags on the market! I've had them on a Civic and now my 13 Accord Sed. Digital fit is all I'll ever buy. They're amazing at trapping dirt of any kind and at containing water and or spills. They're extremely good looking and have a "factory" look to them. Two minor things prevent a 5 star rating. #1 the driver's side left foot area doesn't come up as high as I'd like, as it only comes up 4-6 in past the floor. This leaves the e brake petal area (if u will) uncovered and limits stretching on a road trip, again, a small gripe. #2 is the same concept below the driver's seat beginning. The back most part of the mat, going away from the steering wheel, is very shallow and barely comes off the floor at all. There is no hinderence from Weathertech making this place come higher, as it would not interfere w anything. Again, this is small, but IF u were to spill a large drink, u would have to VERY carefully remove the mat, in order to avoid getting liquid on your carpets. Weathertech is the goods and every car owner that cares about their vehicle at all, should purchase a full set of mats as soon as the buy a vehicle, if not before;). This would've been a 4.5 star review if that were an option.

  • Gretchen Kramar - I was skeptical as most would be but if your ...

    I was skeptical as most would be but if your dedicated to this cream, you will see results and so far I'm loving mine! I noticed results after 1 month of using twice as day as directed.

  • libby - awesome! highly recommend!

    Amazing product!!! We got this for our 9 year old and she loves it. Truthfully a 4 year old could use it! It takes video and photos and tons of other stuff! Also, no batteries to change. Charge like a cell phone occasionally. I highly recommend this watch!

  • 3dogs&a-girl - Nice scrub, great ingredients

    This is not the kind of body scrub I'm used to. It's a little dryer and the salt particles don't clump together. That makes it a little harder to put on your body, as it falls out of your hand before you can fully apply it. Let's face it: all body scrubs are a mess to apply. That's why I do it in the bath, and not the shower. At least the bathwater contains the scrub. Plus, it's better to let the scrub sit on your body for a minute or so before you rinse.

  • Robyn - And my skin doesn't look any better so what's the point of using it

    This product is making hair grow on my face! I wondered why do I have all of this hair all of the sudden, then realized it was from the collagen. I noticed my eyelashes were growing but didn't make the connection between the hair on my face. So gross! And my skin doesn't look any better so what's the point of using it?

  • Someone - Tablets are way too big, I have to cut ...

    Tablets are way too big, I have to cut in half. But my son seems to be tolerating it, he's a gagger. So far, its his 2nd week of taking the vitamins. My.only complaint is the size of the tablet but cutting it half seems to work for him. Will be ordering again as soon as he runs out.