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Softech - A Leading Irish IT company with over 30 years of experience. Softech will project manage the design, build, operation and support of all your IT requirements.

  • http://www.softech.ie/information-exchange Information Exchange | Softech - SecureiX is unique as it allows for bi-directional file sharing and collaboration and has an extensive notification and audit system.
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  • http://www.softech.ie/about About Softech Managed Services Provider | Softech - Softech is a leading IT company with 34 years experience providing hardware and software solutions and partners with international vendors, Microsoft, HP, Nable
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  • Quinchlo7 - I am so disappointed as I really wanted to love this bike

    I am so disappointed as I really wanted to love this bike...but my son does not like it. I cannot get him to ride it, as he prefers to have pedals and does not like pushing with his feet. I am sure some toddlers love it, but mine did not :(

  • Marshall - Its okay

    I got it for my Mac mini because it would be super slow if I was on the safari for too long. Well.. lets just say its still super slow after I installed the Norton..

  • KaMBaM - great product

    My dog was getting rashes so I was looking all over the place for a medicated shampoo. After researching different ones, I decided on this one. It's worked wonders for my little dog.

  • dm76 - ... this daily to stay on top of things i like how you have detox and diet they both work ...

    i have been useing the triple teatox kit and wow this is one powerfull setup for my body im takeing this daily to stay on top of things i like how you have detox and diet they both work flawlessly has cleaned out my body for the better top of the line i do a lot of walking 7 days a week about 5 hours everyday working out just walking and hikeing by doing this and takeing the teas it has pushed all of the crap out of mys system im now feeling stronger more energy more alive im loseing weight i feel alive again thats for sure and that matters the most i recommend this to everyone it comes with the bonus tea infuser which is a plus made really well very durable to last it works like a pro.

  • S. Lowell - Excellent option for piece of mind!

    Excellent option for piece of mind! I purchased these because I was worried about the bags on my '16 Road Glide falling off after hearing/reading about it happening. Very easy install and very secure. This LocEzy Mounts are about half the cost of other similar products. The only issue I had was with removing the washer from the OEM bolts. The LocEzy instructions stated that washer should be removed and used with the new kit but I could not remove the washer from the OEM bolts. Thankfully, I had some washers handy which did the trick. I highly recommend this product. For me, it was worth the piece of mind.

  • Brian Frederick - Easy to use Bluetooth speaker

    Received this speaker to provide an honest review. I have a JBL Charge and love that speaker. have been looking for another Bluetooth speaker that I can take camping and not worry about it getting wet. The JBL definitely provides better sound, but this unit from Vtin is pretty good. Sound is a bit more tinny, but it feels more durable than the JBL. As far as functionality, pairing with my phone, was very simple. The buttons on the top allow for you to change songs and volume without having your phone or tablet handy. I currently have speaker about 20 feet from my phone and have not experienced any drops. This will be a great little speaker to take camping or other trips and throw in your suitcase. So far I'm happy with it and would recommend to anyone who wants a Bluetooth speaker.

  • Courtney~MustReadBooksOrDie - Can Georgie be my BFF?

    Shel: A Place in the Sun gave me a different look at what R.S. Grey can do. I've seen her characters work hard and crack me up and smolder on the page; this novel felt a little more melancholy..a little more tinged with seriousness. Don't worry--there are still many times (most, actually) where I laughed/snorted at the dialogue or the situation, but I think Georgie's desire to find her person..her love..really struck a chord. Court: It did. And once it finally occurred to me who Georgie is there is for sure a realization that she has a lot more going on in that head than she portrays to a lot of people. Deep down she loves so hard, and just wants to be loved like that in return. And to say that she picked an easy catch would mean you might not know Georgie very well!!