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  • LBGyrl - This is not Biosilk

    The product does not have the same consistency as the real Biosilk. It's very runny as if it's been diluted with baby oil which is probably why it's so inexpensive. I will not order Biosilk from this particular vendor again.

  • Gameraddikted - Good Start

    As the title says its definitely a good start. I was able to watch movies right away. The tool bar at the bottom while watching must be removed. Very annoying. Audio seemed great for me dispite the issues the other reviewers are having. My primary reason for leaving this review is the video quality! Worst quality so far out of the 4 apps I use. It definitely needs some tweaking ASAP!

  • Amazon Customer - So far I had amazing results and lost 5 pounds in one week

    I am currently on my 10 day transformation lifestyle cleanse and I am expected to complete it on Thursday. So far I had amazing results and lost 5 pounds in one week! In addition, I had a lot more energy during the day. The shakes do not taste that bad if you put unsweetened almond milk in them( I used Silk 30 calories unsweetened). I got the apple berry flavored shake powder. I spoke with the nutritionist and you can choose your own schedule as long as you stick the full amount of supplements and shakes. If you have issues swallowing the supplements daily, you can blend them in your shake as well. I am not a fan at swallowing pills, especially the required 15 super amino 23 plus the super cleanse and super lytes. You will get used to the system after the first 4 days. Also, I would prep celery and cucumbers since they are unlimited. You are also allowed a certain amount of flex foods daily so I made sure that I brought berries and apples to work during the day to keep my hunger satisfied. Since I did the lifestyle cleanse I was allowed to have one meal daily. I stuck to the approved list of foods. I had either a large salad with grilled chicken or a lean meat with sautéed vegetables. The cherry concentrate makes you sleep like a baby. I also did weights at the gym during this cleanse and was not depleted of energy. Even though they urge you to eliminate coffee, I did have a cup daily (no milk or sugar). I would highly recommend Purium.. It’s a good kick start to your diet or before you go on a vacation.

  • Shane Green - Neat...Idea (read my review, it's meant to be really helpful)

    The product arrived in fancy packaging. The software installed without a hitch, and seemed quite decent in terms of being modern and "macish". Included an excellent set of turtorial videos; all in all, a fairly nice software offering (and I write software). I was a bit miffed to find out a significant portion of their value (IMHO), would also require a ~$15/month membership, so I gave them 3 stars before I even tried the product, promising to return and update my review when I did try it.

  • AmazonianReviewer - Fits excellent on an oval shape mattress

    I have a bassinet that have a particular oval shape mini mattres, I was worry that this sheet doesn't fits it but at the end it runs great. I just had to use an elastic band with pliers and it makes it fits better!

  • Melp - No smell, no burn

    My partner has had two bad back surgeries. 2e have tried every type of pain relief cream out there and have found the prescription capcasin works the best. I was given the opportunity to samples this product from PinchMe. The sample size was small and given to me for free in exchange for my review. As a massage therapist, my go to cream is always biofreeze. It works great, but does smell. This Liv relief cream works well. Some relief was felt and it has little to no smell or greasy feeling which is nice. This would not be at the top or bottom of my list of pain relief creams. It is a middle of the road for me. Others work better and worse. I would like to try the full size to see if used in larger quantities it might be more effective.

  • Scott - Long time Wood Toilet Seat Made In China user, First time reviewer

    When I ran a search for information on wood toilet seats made in China, I was excited and amazed to discover "The 2009-2014 Outlook for Wood Toilet Seats in Greater China" was available on Amazon! In a lifelong search for the perfect wood toilet seat made in China, my knowledge on the subject was limited to physical practicality, comfort, and price. How was I to know that an entire intricate industry, nay, a vital segment of the macroeconomic world market, was dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of wood toilet seats made in China? At an incredibly inexpensive $495 a copy, I find this to be a "Must Read" and I am recommending it to all of my friends!