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  • Irish - Almost Perfect Blender!

    I can't say enough about this Ninja Pro Blender. I really like the lock on lid, and I also like the way the blender locks onto the base. I have blended Kale, parsley, apples, lemons, spinach, etc. as well as ice and berries. Yes it does leave little "bits" in the juice but it is not a juicer, it is a blender. I like pulp, so I have no problem with the bits. The blades slide off and on easily. The blender is so easy to clean that handling the blades should not be a problem. If you fill the blender almost to the top and add a little soap, pulse a few times, drain through the spout, add water to rinse, pulse and pour, out you should have no problems with the blades. There is also quite a bit of "stem" to the blade section which makes it easy to handle. The only thing that would make this blender more perfect would be if it handled hot liquids. I didn't think that was a big issue but I made a receipe recently that said to blend the gravy bits and I couldn't do it until the gravy cooled. I am very enthusiastic about this blender. It was delivered promptly and is so easy to use. The lid can suction to the blender rather tightly but a little patience and it comes off. I like that kind of security to the lid. I have not dealt with customer service so I can't give a review on that.

  • Scrapfrog - Beware! SCAM! Vivo Per Lei is same Company and both are a SCAM! Used to be Premier Dead Sea and Who Knows What other names!

    I too was innocently walking down the Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utahl when I got tricked into the Oro Gold store. Ironically, I had just purchased skincare from Nordstrom's and when the Sly, Pushy Saleswoman with the foreign accent grabbed my bag to see what I had bought she said you don't have a Peeling Cream and before I know it she was rubbing stuff all over my wrists and face, etc. The story is the same as the others and when I said "No Thanks" to the $170 Deep Peeling Cream and got up and started walking away she reduced the price to 50% off and immediately threw in a large bottle of body cream AND another of hand cream.

  • nikki nguyen - Don't waste your money on garbage.

    I bought and downloaded this and it completely didn't work correctly AT ALL. My documents with bullets never indented when I press the tab button (I knew it wasn't my tab button because I would press it on Pages and it would work perfectly fine.) It wouldn't close correctly, or do anything correctly when I press the command buttons. Sometimes when I press enter it indents instead of starting a new line. What?! What program does that! Basically, it was pretty USELESS for a person that types fast and uses short cuts and commands to type. The biggest waste of $127.00. When I called Microsoft technicians, they seemed really clueless about my problem. I haven't even used this for a week yet when I contacted customer technical support and they wanted to charge me $99.00 to have someone go into my computer and do troubleshooting on my computer. $99.00 for 30 days? Really? That is almost as much as this product. I'd rather buy a system from Mac that's $1,000.00 that would work correctly. Microsoft will charge you anything to get your money even if you only had it for a while. Their products also slows and starts breaking down after 2 years of use. This is why I am a loyal MAC customer.

  • gilroy anderson - not phrased well

    I have studied witchcraft for many years this books history of witchcraft was spot on other than that I don't think the phrasing was put well for example the book called spells prayers that was not smart to me I have never prayed in my life never plan on it a spell is not a prayer and the book had unnecessary facts on other religions in comparison to witchcraft the book did have a lot of content for a small book this book is good for people that hate to read it is fast to finish but lacks literary value and some word definitions I don't recommend this book much love to the witches out there and the hex girls from Scooby doo

  • Edward Rudolph - I bought this because of all the good reviews I found on it

    I bought this because of all the good reviews I found on it. I hooked it up to a battery that showed no charge on the meter, it brought it back to a full charhe as if I just bought it.The desulfater is a wonderful thing, if planning on buying one check this one out for the features, im now a believer in desulfing a battery.

  • eiresurg - So easy a caveman could do it

    Lightning fast! Super easy install in mid-2010 MacBook Pro. There are numerous resources online for this. If you know how to backup your computer and use a screwdriver, you can do this. No more spinning beach ball! Apps open up instantly. Battery lasts longer. Computer runs cooler. Used the Inateck adapter which fit perfectly.

  • yvette barrow - 2013 Hess Truck (Toys & Games) Holiday Toy

    This product was in top condition. I actually saw it being handled by a young person and was very pleased to see it met all the qualifications that were seen and advertised on television. It met all my expectations. It was a bit pricey, but well worth it. Thank your company very much.