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St. Mary's Health System - St. Mary's - St. Mary’s Health provides high-quality healthcare services to the Evansville community and the Tri-State area.

  • https://www.stmarys.org/about-us/ About St. Mary’s Health in Evansville, Indiana - St. Mary's - St. Mary's has a rich history in the Evansville Indiana region in providing healthcare services to the Evansville tri-state area for over 140 years providing the highest level of quality & safety and receiving recognition for numerous awards.
  • https://www.stmarys.org/quality-safety/ Quality & Safety - St. Mary's - We want you to be as well informed as possible about how well St. Mary's performs when compared against the rest of the nation in national quality performance measures.
  • https://www.stmarys.org/giving/ St. Mary’s Health Foundation - St. Mary's - St. Mary’s Health Foundation works to supports the many needs and initiatives of our healthcare ministry that in turn support our Mission service.
  • https://www.stmarys.org/portal/ Patient Portals - St. Mary's - Access your secure patient portal 24/7 for medical information including appointments, medications and more.
  • https://www.stmarys.org/doctors/ Find a Doctor - St. Mary's - Please utilize our directory to find a doctor in a specific specialty, practice, or location that will meet the needs of you and your family.
  • https://www.stmarys.org/services/heart/heart-stents/ Heart Stents - St. Mary's - The Absorb stent props open the segment of the artery that’s blocked, allowing blood and oxygen flow to return. During the first few months, the artery needs the stent to remain open.
  • https://www.stmarys.org/quality-safety/healthgrades/ Healthgrades - St. Mary's - Learn more about St. Mary's excellence in care with our many Healthgrades awards of excellence, from heart failure to pulmonary and women's care.
  • https://www.stmarys.org/patients-visitors/cheer-cards/ Cheer Cards - St. Mary's - Our volunteers receive your electronic cheer card then print and deliver it to the patient with a cheery smile.
  • https://www.stmarys.org/for-associates/ For Associates - St. Mary's - St. Mary’s is proud to make tools for our associates’ professional and personal development convenient and easily accessible.

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  • S. Rome - issues with Mavericks

    This (did) work very well for a number of years. HOWEVER, be aware that Mavericks and this, while compatible, is very buggy - you often times have to do things light highlighting twice or even three times. I am told by those who know that this is because Office for Mac should have been updated by now (a la 2014 version) but has not been

  • R. M. Mayhew - It's Hotel California

    The problem with ACT is you can check in, but it's darn near impossible to check out (thus the Hotel California reference). I went from being one of the top fans of ACT to a very unsatisfied user. My guess is, the good reviews here are from new customers. If you install ACT "fresh" and enter all your information from scratch it may work well. My problem has been upgrading, which has not gone well. The challenge is, if you choose to leave ACT you probably can't get all of your information out of it. Most of the ACT conversion programs (and you have to wonder why companies would be writing programs to get information out of ACT...) can't get everything converted. During one attempt to "check out" of ACT the conversion process lost information I only had stored in ACT. It's easy to get the name, address, etc. (basic info) out, but other items may not be recoverable.