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  • Amazon Customer - Way to mess up one of my favorite childhood movies!

    They attempted to create a franchise with this flick. Which I don't think is a bad idea considering where the film industry is today. However, they failed miserably with a weak story structure, cheesy acting, and predictable plot.

  • RichR - A traveler's must have guide.

    Rick Steves does an excellent job with all of his guide books. He describes points of interest in a realistic way and doesn't sugar coat anything like travel services do.

  • The real deal - This works better than the icy hot that I usually use when ...

    I am a fan of this cream! I do a lot of running and for the most part use this as a muscle relaxer but hey since it helps with cellulite that is also a huge plus! This works better than the icy hot that I usually use when I have sore muscles. This is creamy also so it will absorb into your skin and not just sit on top of it. Here is a little more information about this product:

  • Mom2Three - Lifesaver!

    Our 4-year-old has autism and is beyond picky with his eating. We have taken him to a dietician who recommended Pediasure to us. He will drink the vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors which is almost a miracle since there are so few things he will eat or drink. It is such a relief to know that he is getting his vitamins and some protein while we are working on getting him to eat more normally.