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  • J. MacDonald - Refreshing shampoo

    I first encountered Cali Tarocco Orange shampoo and conditioner in a hotel a few years back. The little bottles were so cute and when I tried the shampoo I was pleasantly surprised. A refreshing citrus orange frangrance, and super cleaning. My hair was squeakier than ever before, and yet it dried soft and so shiny. I used a little of the conditioner, and found it wasn't heavy like some. When I ran out of the sample, I searched for more on the internet, and found it at Amazon. Thank you, Amazon! Love this stuff.

  • Mark Reiter - nice case - just be aware that it's thick

    Interesting concept, however, the case was thicker than I expected. It would not fit securely in my car cradle for navigation.

  • Donna43 - Works but has Strong Mint Smell

    It works well, but the mint smell and the stimulating feeling are a bit much. I rinse it out really fast. Breaks down coarse hair well.

  • Jagalleg - Magical contraption that portends to show the user a likeness of themselves

    After summarily dismissing the notion that some sort of product would be able to show both my and my wife a offspring a superior to deguarotype realistic moving likeness of our child, I must admit I was quite shocked. After placing this mirror in the back of the wagon and seeing our child's visage in it we immediately thought it was a bewitched piece of glass sent to us in yet another plot by my nemisis. After a lengthy ceremony to remove any enchantments (it wasn't bewitched, btw), we replaced the magic glass in the wagon of the traveling show, where momma used to dance for the money they'd throw, but alas, I digress. That is another tale for another time. It has worked quite well ever since. Huzzah to the wizards and Equinox international, and please cease spamming my email to review you.

  • Kevin - Get the full game off Amazon instant video save your money,

    I could been so much more The Whole Finals needed to be seen not clips and quick cuts and the Spanish feed as a extra. lol waste of blue ray storage.