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  • K. Bug - Take a spa day at home

    I have to admit, it took me a lot of years to actually realize things like mud masks weren't just for fun. They actually work and are worth the work. For many years, I thought it was just something people do to relax, but I didn't realize how many benefits they have. I tried to use bentonite clay for one, but it got clumpy really easy and I ended up with lumps all over my face. This mud mask is easy to put on and I didn't need as much as I thought I would. A swisp on the finger tip did about 1/4 to 1/2 of my face depending on how thick I wanted it and if my face was already wet or not. It comes out darker than you would expect, at least after using bentonite clay which is very light colored, but it doesn't stain or anything. I cover my face and wait about 10 minutes, just until it feels like it is drying out and is sort of stiff. Then I use a wash cloth with warm water on it to wash it all off. It takes ringing out the cloth a couple of times, rinsing off the mud, and wiping more away. My skin feels soft and all of the dry skin is gone. It even clears out my pores. I love that I don't have to use a chemical concoction like most face wash. I know exactly what I'm putting on my face. It works great and even using it for many days in a row, I have hardly put a dent in the jar.

  • Dave S. - They tell you " YOU CAN SEND THEM BACK WITHIN 15 DAYS" and that's all good and well

    didn't care for the feel of them, but that's not the issue. They tell you " YOU CAN SEND THEM BACK WITHIN 15 DAYS" and that's all good and well. What they don't tell you is you have to pay to return them. Be sure you want these or you'll pay one way or another.

  • T. Scanlon - It works

    I have been taking this for half a year now and I can't tell you it works! I have also found that it's cheaper on amazon than at GNC .... but this stuff is great! I have lost 10 lbs with out doing anything and eating what ever I want (not saying you should do that lol ). However please read the warning to make sure you can take it with any meds you take already! Also I recommend to work out and eat right if you want the most out of this, but not all body's are made the same and what works for me and my mom (who is going through medapause) . Try it !

  • Jake - Terrible experience

    I will try to be as professional as possible when describing my experience with Proactiv and their customer service, as well the product itself. Over the course of me taking this product I can indicate I was brainwashed by all the Proactiv ad's saying it's a healthy way to promote your skin care and etc. Proactiv doesn't supply much of the product for such prices in the first place. I never experienced any form of healing or noticed any which effects on my skin from flawless usage of the solution. But I'm sure everyone is different and may or may not help you. One of the good factors about Proactiv is that it promotes good hygiene to the person trying to get the full usage of it and clear their skin up, meaning that maybe not the Proactiv itself that causes the cleansing properties.