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  • Malene_D(BadAndDirtyBooks) - Best work yet. A must read!

    It's no secret that I love the Submission series by CD Reiss. It's my favorite of hers so when I found out, that she was releasing a book about a dominant man who was married then there was no turning back for me. I had to read it! And what a story it was. It was an amazing story! Jonathan Drazen will forever be one of my favorite and memorable dominant but Adam Steinbeck definitely gave Drazen competition.

  • Glad Aboutthis - but it is overall disappoint for my purposes

    I bought this for the purposes of tracking my swimming workouts. I swam in college about 15 years ago and now swim for exercise. The product has some upsides, but it is overall disappoint for my purposes.

  • Sebastian - Don't ever buy software that won't give you support even if you have their latest update.

    They have definitely downgraded their software... I used to have the 2013 version, everything worked fine. I upgraded to 2016 and now my backups won't queue automatically, so I can't leave all my backups running through the night. I thought it was probably something simple to fix, so I contacted support and they responded with a massive long email, and when I finally found the time to review it, I wasn't able to fix the problem... I then contacted them back and the case was closed and guess what! My support plan was expired! That was like 1 month period of useless support! This is the 2016 version and we are still on 2015 and these as#h@les drop support just like that! And NO, I don't want their cloud storage rip off, that's why I have my own external hard drives... And NO, I don't want to waste my time registering in their forums to wait for a miracle answer.

  • amazonian - FANTASTIC GARDEN HOSE!

    It is very rare that I write reviews but I decided to write a review for this Gilmour 8-Ply Flexogen Hose because I had purchased other very good name brand hoses from a Very Big Box Store and within days I had to return them as they leaked or bursted out - a total of three (3) hoses in less than two weeks time. One of them bursted open in few hours of use. Anyway out of frustration I decided to a little bit of my own research and found that the hoses that are rated for 500 psi and made of good quality materials are better and I also read the entire detailed description of Gilmour Flexogen 8-Ply hose and got convinced. I must say that in the past I have found Gilmour brand products to be superior quality. I have been using Gilmour Flexogen hose (in beautiful grey color) for about a month and NOT one drop of water leaks anywhere. EXCELLENT PRODUCT. I will update my review after I have used it for some more time. What a blessing it is to use good quality, No Nonsense products. THANK YOU GILMOUR.

  • Gray - Not for me...

    Seen lots of baby hairs in my forehead, but I had to stop applying to my scalp because of irritation and itchiness, plus it's a lot of work because you have to do this 3 times a day, so I'll just try to accept that my hair is receding and that there's nothing I can do about it.

  • Chad - Get it.

    This really made a difference in my 2013 Ford 5.0 F-150. Gave it a little more snap. I was surprised at the engine growl increase. Significant. Note, if you want a quieter engine (why would you be buying an accessory like this anyway?) then do not purchase. Even with a little more throttle I am getting .3 a gallon increase in mileage. Not a huge difference, but if I drove it like grandma it would be more.

  • Neil - Good

    I expected more X's and O's breakdown of Harbaugh's scheme. But maybe some diagrams had to be cut out for the e-book. Otherwise this is the best pre-season breakdown you'll find for Michigan and its opponents IMO