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Synergy Integrated Health & Medicine - We blend functional nutrition and functional health testing resulting in a truly integrative approach for people with chronic health conditions.

  • http://www.synergyfixme.com/conditions/knee-pain/ Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist or Hand Pain Treatment | Synergy Integrated Health and Medicine - Joint pain can be caused by various conditions. We look at the real cause of your pain when treating your condition. Structural issues like Arthritis,
  • http://www.synergyfixme.com/conditions/thyroid-issues/ Thyroid Issues & Diseases - Hypothyroidism & Hyperthyroidism - Functional Treatment | Synergy Integrated Health and Medicine - We treat Hypothyroidism & Hyperthyroidism by treating the cause of the problem not the symptoms. Functional neurology & nutrition solve many chronic condition

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  • Laurie C - Great product, does not leave residue

    I had not used this shampoo previously, but I love it. Our water makes my hair feel like most shampoos leave residue, but when using this shampoo my hair feels great. The scent is good, not overpowering.

  • Terri DuLong - Good travel guide

    I haven't finished going through all of it yet, but from what I've read, it looks to be very comprehensive. And I think it will be helpful on my trip to Florence next spring. I like the descriptions of the various museums, listing the times, important things to see, etc. I also like the map of Florence which I think will be helpful, along with the little tidbits of info.

  • Nadia Bhuyain - Not worth it, no changes seen here

    Spent so much on this to see no improvement in texture or appearance, total waste of money! I'm really upset about the fact that it's touted as highly as it is but to no avail.

  • mamadeus - Too many bugs! Keep 2013 or 2012 for now!

    Long time Quicken user, I love it, but I am trying to go backwards to 2013 because 2014 has so many bugs and weird changes. If you haven't purchased 2014 I would wait until they've fixed the bugs. I've never had a problem with 2013.

  • Richard C. - Works great. I have a power hungry desktop

    Purchased this to replace an APC that kept claiming the batteries were non functional. Works great. I have a power hungry desktop, a cable modem, a router, 4 monitors, a macbook pro, and a mac mini hooked up to this thing and I can get 20-25 minutes of runtime during power outages.

  • Melissa Miller - I could not get this printer to work on a ...

    I could not get this printer to work on a Windows 8 computer. But the most important part of the puzzle was that the disc that was supposed to have the device drivers on it for the printer appears to have installed malware on the computer.