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  • http://www.talkingdrugs.org/united-nations-supporting-myanmar-burma-drug-reform UN Supporting Myanmar Drug Reform as Opium Cultivation Increases | TalkingDrugs - The Myanmar government is receiving support from the UN to develop a new national drug policy, as the rates of opium cultivation continues to rise in the country.
  • http://www.talkingdrugs.org/sao-paulo-mayor-threatens-crackland-harm-reduction-programme Election of São Paulo Mayor Threatens ‘Crackland’ Harm Reduction Programme | TalkingDrugs - São Paulo’s pioneering harm reduction programme for people who use crack cocaine faces an uncertain future following the recent election of a new mayor who claims he w
  • http://www.talkingdrugs.org/lebanon-drug-policy-group-skoun-tells-young-people-know-your-rights Lebanese Drug Policy Group Tells Young People: Know Your Rights! | TalkingDrugs - A Lebanese non-profit organisation has launched a campaign to empower young people who are being criminalised for drug use, and to call on legislators to adopt an alte
  • http://www.talkingdrugs.org/interview-with-marinella-kloka-on-harm-reduction-in-greece “You Cannot Promote Safety Through Prejudice”: An Interview with Marinella Kloka On Harm Reduction in Greece | TalkingDrugs - Marianella Kloka is one of the leading figures of the Greek harm reduction movement, and is currently the advocacy officer at the 
  • http://www.talkingdrugs.org/need-for-needle-exchanges-in-uk-prisons The Urgent Need for Clean Needles in UK Prisons | TalkingDrugs - The lack of harm reduction measures for people who use drugs in UK prisons is fuelling health problems, including the spread of HIV and other infectious diseases.
  • http://www.talkingdrugs.org/the-misplaced-demonization-of-people-who-deal-drugs The Misplaced Demonisation of People who Deal Drugs | TalkingDrugs - Framing people who deal drugs as predatory individuals who care not for their clients’ wellbeing rests on a fundamental misunderstanding of how the drug trade works an
  • http://www.talkingdrugs.org/issues/cannabis Information on Cannabis & Marijuana: the facts, news & laws - Unbiased news and debate about Cannabis and Marijuana. The effects, control, laws and production.
  • http://www.talkingdrugs.org/issues/drugs-race Drugs & Race | TalkingDrugs - News and rational debate about the link between drugs and race - from TalkingDrugs.
  • http://www.talkingdrugs.org/issues/heroin Information on Heroin: facts, stories, news, treatment & laws - News and debate about Heroin, its effects, control, and production, from TalkingDrugs
  • http://www.talkingdrugs.org/issues/other-drugs Information on other drugs, from psychedelics to legal highs - News and rational debate about the effects, control, and production of drugs - from TalkingDrugs.
  • http://www.talkingdrugs.org/regions/americas-caribbean Drug use, treatment and control in the US and Americas - Enlightened news and debate about the effects, control, and production of drugs in the Americas and The Caribbean.
  • http://www.talkingdrugs.org/regions/australia-oceania Information on drug use, treatment and control in Australia & Oceania - News and rational debate about drugs in the Australia and Oceania region - from TalkingDrugs.

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  • donna l. m. g. - Happy about my purchase!

    My 3 pack Easy Read checkbook Register was just what I wanted.Since getting older I need to have larger print to make it easier so I won,t make mistakes.The price was very good compared to the other ones I could have bought. My books came in the mail pretty quick too! Thank you.

  • GilmoreGirl - Mostly fluff and conjecture

    I was very disappointed while reading this book. It starts out laying out all of the information from the beginning of time to the present day of antichrist legends, but as the chapters go on they start repeating themselves. I thought it was a problem with my kindle copy, but after browsing a physical copy at the store it became obvious that entire pages of earlier chapters were cut and pasted into later chapters as filler. By the end there is no new information, nor any answers to the questions the book claims to answer. You'd be better off googling the information for free than buy this book.

  • Hunter - Learned to love it.

    When I first got my Timbuk2 Command Messenger bag, I did not like it one bit. It was big, and the material is stiff (due to the waterproof nature) and I had trouble figuring out how I would get all my stuff from my other bag properly arranged in this one. In fact, I set up a return to send it back to Amazon. However, I decided to start using it and have learned to really love this bag, I don't go out the door without it now. The first think I did was unhook the accessory pouches that are webbed to the inside of the main compartment and stowed them inside of the smaller pockets in the front of the bag (the 2012 version no longer has these accessory pockets, they get in the way). Stowed inside of the smaller pockets does take up a bit of storage room, but I can still use them for keeping my pens and business cards organized, and they are actually easier to grab located in the front of the bag rather than buried deep down inside the main compartment.

  • Tom Sales - Good for a conservative perspective that gets you to think

    Lately I've been reading books by authors dismayed by America's political dysfunction. In this election season there are a lot of them and more coming. All wonder how we can get our mojo back and return to our rightful place as the best place in the world to ______ (fill in the blank). All make their best cases to wake readers up because if something's not done we're done being special.