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TCP Group - Innovators in Home Therapy and Logistical Solutions - TCP Group improves healthcare delivery in Ireland by offering a unique turnkey solution for the delivery of hospital care in the patient’s home.

  • http://www.tcp.ie/homecare/ TCP Homecare - TCP Group - TCP is the largest provider of ‘nurse led’ community based services in Ireland, with over 10 years’ experience in delivering improved patient care in the home.
  • http://www.tcp.ie/patient-adherence-compliance-programmes/ Patient Adherence / Compliance Programmes - TCP Group - TCP Homecare provides patient focused adherence programmes to support the effective management of patients on long term medications and to ensure compliance with patient care plans.
  • http://www.tcp.ie/community-infusion-venesection-units-civu/ Community Infusion & Venesection Units (CIVU) - TCP Group - The Infusion Unit model offers the opportunity to alleviate over-stretched hospital day wards and provide step down facilities for different patient groups.
  • http://www.tcp.ie/pharmacovigilance-services/ Pharmacovigilance Services - TCP Group - The TCP Group operates a transparent and fully comprehensive pharmacovigilance (PV) reporting system for its vast array of clients.
  • http://www.tcp.ie/speciality-supply-chain/ Speciality Supply Chain - TCP Group - TCP Logistics is Ireland's foremost quality driven cold chain logistics service provider for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products.
  • http://www.tcp.ie/direct-to-patient-distribution/ Direct to Patient Distribution - TCP Group - TCP Group are the experts in the storage, dispensing and distribution of cold chain pharmaceutical products in the Irish marketplace.
  • http://www.tcp.ie/cold-chain/ Cold Chain Systems - TCP Group - TCP’s cold chain system ensures that products are stored and transported in a validated and verifiable way to retain the integrity of the product at all times.
  • http://www.tcp.ie/track-n-trace/ Track n’ Trace Systems - TCP Group - TCP successfully operates, in collaboration with St James's Hospital Dublin, a global first for pharmaceutical Track 'n Trace from manufacturer to the patient.
  • http://www.tcp.ie/sharps-waste-management/ Sharps Waste Management - TCP Group - The Sharps Bin Waste Management service deliveries Sharps Bins to patients, while using data matrix bar codes to ensure full traceability at all times.
  • http://www.tcp.ie/rare-disease-orphan-products/ Rare Disease / Orphan Products - TCP Group - TCP Group is the leading provider of logistical and patient support solutions for orphan / rare disease products.
  • http://www.tcp.ie/market-access/ Market Access Overview - TCP Group - TCP Group is working with many of the leading pharmaceutical companies in devising strategies to support their brands in the community and demonstrate value to the HSE.
  • http://www.tcp.ie/clinical-trial-services/ Clinical Trial Services - TCP Group - TCP Group is Ireland's foremost quality driven cold chain logistics service provider for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products.
  • http://www.tcp.ie/hse-services/ HSE Services - TCP Group - TCP Group has been delivering medical services in the community for over ten years, acquiring a reputation for quality and excellent service in the process.

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    City: -6.2439 , Ireland

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