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Botox Clinic Auckland | Dermal Fillers | Vampire Facial | PRP Treatment - Renowned as New Zealand's first medical spa, specialising in Botox and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The Face Place Med Spa only offers safe and highly effective methods of enhancing your appearance.

  • http://www.thefaceplace.co.nz/by-concern/botox-for-lines-and-wrinkles/ Botox for lines and wrinkles - Botox for fine lines and wrinkles in Auckland. Natrual, beatuiful-looking results.
  • http://www.thefaceplace.co.nz/by-concern/botox-for-sweating/ Botox for excessive sweating - Excessive sweating can be treated with botox injections. This treatment is quick, easy and relativley painless. Eliminate underarm sweat with our Auckland based specialists today.
  • http://www.thefaceplace.co.nz/by-concern/facial-slimming/ Botox for facial slimming - Our experienced Botox clinicians can slim the face and jaw, by relaxing the master muscle. Facial slimming will appear at 6 weeks and can help reduce teeth grinding or jaw clenching
  • http://www.thefaceplace.co.nz/by-treatment/brotox/ Brotox - Brotox is Botox for men. Look less grumpy and tired with a quick and simple Botox treatment.
  • http://www.thefaceplace.co.nz/by-treatment/botox-cosmetics/ Botox for crow's feet - Botox for crows feet at Auckland specialist clinic. Beautiful, natural looking results.
  • http://www.thefaceplace.co.nz/by-treatment/frown-lines/ Botox for frown lines - Botox for frown lines at Auckland clinic. Beautiful, natural-looking results.
  • http://www.thefaceplace.co.nz/by-concern/loss-of-facial-volume/ Loss of facial volume - Loss of facial volume is common as we age. It can make us appear older and more tired than we actually are. The Face Place, Auckland, has a range of skin treatments to improve volume loss.
  • http://www.thefaceplace.co.nz/by-concern/thin-lips/ lip enhancement for thin lips - Lip enhacement or lip augmentation is a highly requested treatment at The Face Place. We use only the very best HA fillers to create a beautiful shape, size and look. A great clinician will understand about lip balance, harmony and proportion, and will di
  • http://www.thefaceplace.co.nz/by-concern/under-eye-hollows/ Under eye hollows - Under eye hollows are a common concern that make many people appear tired, stressed and older than they look. Our highly trained Doctors and Nurses can use natural, temporary filler to fill the tear trough hollows.
  • http://www.thefaceplace.co.nz/by-treatment/dermal-fillers/ Dermal Fillers - Dermal Fillers are a safe and affordable method of restoring voulme to the face and hands. Our Auckland clinic only uses the best HA fillers such as Juvederm and Restlyane to create natural, beautiful-looking results.
  • http://www.thefaceplace.co.nz/by-treatment/lip-enhancement-and-lip-fillers/ Lip enhancement and lip fillers - Lip enhancement with lip fillers is a highly requested lip treatment at our Auckland clinic. Using HA dermal fillers like Juverderm, our clinicians can create a beautiful, natural-looking lip enhancement.
  • http://www.thefaceplace.co.nz/by-treatment/8-point-lift/ 8 Point Lift - Achieve a more youthful, yet naturally lifted look with 8 Point Lift. The 8 Point Lift is an advanced technique that restores volume in 8 strategic areas, giving maximal lift and support.

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  • Amers - Wow, the best so far!

    This book is perfection!! It is my absolute favorite right now, maybe even my favorite for the year. Again, the way the Author writes is breathtaking, leaving chills on my arms as I read. This is the type of book you don't want to stop reading- and you likely will read it every second you get free!

  • Lindsey T. - But launches a pretty good distance

    Actually larger than I expected (obviously didn't read dimensions). But launches a pretty good distance. Still working on training the pup though.

  • Great Dane Mom - LOVE this tea!

    The taste may not be to your liking if you dislike licorice but I think it's worth it! I think the strongest flavor is cardamom which I love! I have this after eating a meal that doesn't sit well and I feel the improvement in my digestion almost instantly. It is cooling so I can even drink it in the summer. I make sure I have a bag with me at all times!

  • Joyce Wilson - Don't expect it to clean your floors...It will not.

    After using my HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer for the first time, I noticed that my laminate floors looked cloudy and when checking the pad it was only slightly soiled. I sat down and read the reviews for this mop. One reviewer complained about her mop pad not looking dirty and doubted the efficiency of her HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer. She wrote that the mop DOES NOT clean floors but only sanitizes them. I decided to make a phone call to Haan Customer Service to inquire about this. Well, much to my surprise, I was told that what I read in the review was correct. The rep clearly stated that this mop ONLY sanitizes and WILL NOT clean floors. I usually make all of my purchases with Amazon, however thankfully I bought this product at a local store, and I will be returning it tomorrow. I realize that the mop is advertised as a steam mop but I just assumed that it would also clean my floors. Another negtive for me is that it is heavy. I will stick with my Shark Pocket Mop. So far it has served me well. Please, just know that if you want clean floors, this is not the steam mop for you.

  • joe skursky - it now turns over like new. I can't hardly believe any battery would ...

    My Cat backhoe batteries are 17 years old and turning the engine over slowly. I put the desulphator for 3 weeks and believe it or not, it now turns over like new. I can't hardly believe any battery would still be working after 17 years. Both are now working fine.

  • Amazon Customer - It doesn't bring blackheads out with suction. However, ...

    It doesn't bring blackheads out with suction. However, it does bring it closer to the head so I can pop myself with my fingers. I expected to see blackheads just popping out & in the suction cup.