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  • http://www.thefussybabysite.com/high-need-baby-resource-guide/ Complete High Need Baby Resource Guide : The Fussy Baby Site - This comprehensive guide covers the characteristics of the high need baby and will help you determine if your baby is high needs, colicky or something else entirely!

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  • Amazon Customer - Of all the things we've purchased, this is the best thing (second to the ergo!)

    We could not live without this chair. We take it everywhere and the baby feels like he's part of the group. He is so happy when he's at the table and not in a high chair. Besides, some restaurant high chairs are so dirty - I'm happy I don't have to use them.

  • bluskyes - Glad I DIDN'T read the reviews BEFORE purchase!

    Given so many bad reviews I would normally forgo purchasing, but I was desperate to edit a video converted from my parents 8mm/Super 8 home movies and didn't have much time to research. I had spent almost $400 converting the film to video and at $89/hr for editing, I figured I didn't have anything to lose attempting to do it myself. The program loaded fine. Wave did lock up once, and I received one "real time" error message. My 4-yr old computer was adequate but slow--no surprise there--I just played Wii golf with hubby while it was processing. I was able to edit the video, add a menu, a sound track, and burn a DVD all without so much as watching a tutorial (I was too impatient--probably could have done it faster if I had). The project turned out GREAT. Now I just need to burn copies for the family--this is going to be the best Christmas present ever! And I'm already planning a slide show of my daughter's wedding photos.

  • Kimberly Curvin - Good results so far!!

    I have only used for a few weeks but I can tell the difference in the health of my hair. I have not noticed any growth yet. So far so good for this product and I will continue to use and hoping for great results.

  • LuvsCheese - Loyal for life

    I have been using this product for about 20 years. It cleans my mouth without the burning minty alcohol feel of mouthwash. It tastes like cherry. This product somehow breaks down the icky stuff in your mouth and on your tongue during the swishing phase, even before you begin brushing. Love it and recommend you try it.