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The Medical Center: Franklin, KY Hospital & Doctor Services - The Medical Center at Franklin, KY is a not-for-profit hospital providing healthcare, health info & doctor services to Southern Kentucky & Northern Tennessee.

  • http://www.themedicalcenterfranklin.org/internal/services/ The Medical Center: Franklin, KY Hospital & Emergency Services - The Medical Center at Franklin, KY provides outpatient & inpatient services & 24-hour emergency room. Healthcare services for Simpson County & Portland, TN.
  • http://www.themedicalcenterfranklin.org/internal/wellness/ The Medical Center: Franklin, KY Health & Wellness Programs - The Medical Center at Franklin, KY features health and wellness programs for Simpson County. We help individuals take charge of their health & well being.

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  • Joseph Goulah - The install was easy and the unit works quite well

    This range hood was everything I expected. Locally they were more expensive and had a lower cfm rating. The install was easy and the unit works quite well. One question, are there LED replacement bulbs for this product?

  • Jheneya - Worth the investment

    We bought this generator over a year ago and finally had the misfortune to have to use it last night due to a power outage in our neighborhood. We dusted it off, filled it with gas, and started it up and I'm happy to say it worked perfectly! We were able to run our refrigerator, one air conditioner, a large lamp, and charge our phones without any problems. It lasted until the power came on, which was about 6 hours and it still had about 25% gas left in the tank. It is quite loud, but it wasn't any louder than the other generators that were also on in our neighborhood. I'm just grateful we had some light and comfort and didn't have to worry about our food spoiling. Things were almost "normal" during the outage. This was a worthy investment.

  • Dude22573 - Not built to hold up.

    I purchased directly from fox. At first look the box is pretty clean and seems well built. I have the driver side sealed box for a single 12 in a ram. The sub is a comp VR and sounded awesome for about a week. I started to hear a popping noise coming from the sub when I would play music at high levels so I started investigating. The box started comming apart and it was the wood chattering! I had to go buy some trim screws and put a bunch of screws in the box to hold it together. So far it is working but I have about 16-20 screw holes that look like crap. I wouldn't purchase another one of these things.