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  • https://www.thenutritionalsource.com/#content The Nutritional Source|Researched and Credible Health Advice - The Nutritional Source has partnered with The Mayo Clinic to bring you researched articles and Health Advice to lose weight. Meal plans, Fitness tips and more!
  • https://www.thenutritionalsource.com/blog/ Blog | The Nutritional Source - Daily Articles About Nutrition and Health - Living Life Healthy Includes Healthy Recipes And Eating Healthy Foods. Learn How To Lose Weight By Eating Healthy And Reading Real Research From Credible
  • https://www.thenutritionalsource.com/aspartame-acesulfame-potassium-not-healthy-cause-cancer-with-no-calories/ Aspartame is a killer ingredient in more foods than you think - Aspartame has many side effects that are bad for your health. Artificial sweeteners don't contain sugar but can lead to many health problems. This post
  • https://www.thenutritionalsource.com/the-top-10-healthy-breakfast-ideas-to-kick-start-your-day/ The Top 10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas To Kick Start Your Day - It's not just eating a heathy breakfast to lower cholesterol and maintain your health. Your day should start out with daily vitamins and meals to stay healthy.
  • https://www.thenutritionalsource.com/eating-bananas-have-great-health-benefits-but-what-about-eating-their-peels/ Health Benefits Of Eating Bananas and Their Peels - We eat many other fruits' coverings but why not bananas? This post talks all about the banana peel and how you should eat it and why bananas are good for you.
  • https://www.thenutritionalsource.com/8-natural-mood-enhancers-and-feel-good-foods-to-improve-your-moods/ 8 Natural Mood Enhancers You Should Be Eating Each Day - There are a lot of foods that can help with depression and stress. Eating the right foods instead of taking pills can be a better alternative. This post
  • https://www.thenutritionalsource.com/eating-egg-shell-calcium-powder-and-eggshell-uses-and-nutrition/ How To Make Eggshell Calcium and Why Calcium Is Important - Taking calcium supplements can be expensive. Making your own calcium from eggshells is a lot cheaper and you get 90% recommended DV from it. Download the recipe
  • https://www.thenutritionalsource.com/truth-about-stevia-sugar-and-facts-based-on-research/ What is the truth and health benefits of stevia? - Stevia is a plant that is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar. This article explains what is stevia and what health benefits it has. Unbiased post on is stevia
  • https://www.thenutritionalsource.com/disclaimer/ Disclaimer | The Nutritional Source - Daily Articles About Nutrition and Health - This Web site — The Nutritional Source — is for general health information only. This Web site is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis

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  • Martha R LaPlant - Great study guide!

    Arrived on time!Looking forward to new ICD-10 exam.This is a great study material to prepare for CCA!

  • architect in CT - 2004LT user

    I have installed and used 2000LT and 2004LT for my business for years. Using the CD of 2014LT I have spent 5 hours so far trying to get it to install and launch. No go so far. Installed but won't launch. Contemplating uninstalling and starting over again, but it took multiple reboots to get the program to install after the first try produced a font error message (so I opted to abort the initial install to see what that was about). BIG MISTAKE. The pay per incident help route is a dead end; I get a "page not found" message. The Autodesk discussion groups are way over my head as they all seem to be IT folks, not architects. Not sure where I go from here!