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Why is Tryptophan Better than 5-htp? - eBook full of valuable information about insomnia, sleeplessness and natural alternatives to sleeping pills. Free bonus: information on getting off sleeping pills.

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  • misrael - This is a great way to give you the added boost of energy ...

    The energy stir sticks arrived quickly in the mail it was very well packaged so no damage happened to the sticks. This is a great way to give you the added boost of energy that you would need to complete workouts or just the daily chores that we all have. This is what they call a clean caffeine and I guess it's just because it's a natural caffeine that has vitamins in it. The company states that it's equal to a tall coffee which for me I would have no idea with that because I do not drink coffee. But what I do know is that after using the caffeine stack I do have more energy and I am also more alert. The key thing with these that I like instead of other energy supplements that I have used in the past is that I do not get the jitters from using it and also when the energy is wearing off I did not feel like I was crashing or super tired nothing like that. I like the fact that these are what I would consider portable you can keep them in your purse so if you're going out to lunch you can use it in your water also it's no calories to it so you don't have to worry about packing on the pounds with this hopefully for you I'll give you extra energy so we can do more workouts to get rid of the extra pounds that I have.

  • Amazon Customer - Totally worth five stars

    The Booty Belt is AWESOME! I had to have one after my friend raved so much about her's and I got to try it out. When I got mine, I thought it was definitely a lot tougher to use than my friend's but I mean, it was brand new, what did I expect? The more I worked with it, the easier it got and the DVD is super informative to make sure you're doing the workouts correctly. I can already see improvement in my booty! Totally worth five stars.

  • Curious Dog - Good shipping time product as advertised

    Not much to say, the quality is about what you would expect for the price and description. Shipped pretty quickly and was fun to wear around my boss lol

  • L. G. Velez - Great!!!

    It's a great toy. A bit difficult to inflate and deflate, specially if your boat is not too big. Maybe it would be good to have a mechanism for towing. But overall great fun.

  • Placer - It would have been better to have the exercises in written format

    I found the speaker was very long winded. Two hours to go through 2 of the discs is too long. It would have been better to have the exercises in written format. I can't remember each and every exercise. Getting up and down multiple times is hard for me. It would have been better to have all floor exercise grouped together. The DVD format is too old for some computers. It would have been better to download to my Ipad. It is too cumbersome so search though the DVD for the specific exercise. I agree the methods and exercises are very thorough and will probably help if I stick with them. I tried to download to my Ipad so can view the exercises when I am on the floor but was only able to download DVD 2. It's easier to view things on the floor from the IPAD. I had to down load extra software to save to IPAD so the whole thing has been an expensive investment compared to other options. It's too bad the package is so cumbersome because there is a lot of good material here that could help a lot of people. You need to find a professional editor.