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  • DanH - Was a good company now its 100% SCAM

    I have been an Avast user for a few years now. This year the company made a 180 degree turn from a really great product to a total scam. Even though I am a paying customer I constantly get pestered to buy what ever new tool they are trying to sell that week. My mom made the mistake of buying the grime fighter tool. It crashed her system and lost her profile. When she called support they told her she had 2 hours to pay $180 or she would loose all her files. She paid, they got her system working again, but the grime fighter still does nothing. It reports the same 18-20 issues every time it runs.

  • Renotta Brown - Awesomeness

    I love this Lantern cause I know my husband could use this since he drives a semi OTR he may need it at night ,and it's rechargeable he can just hook it up to his inverter and not have to worry about batteries.