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Resistor,Wirewound Resistor,Power Resistor,Braking Resistor,Load Resistor,High Voltage Resistor,Ceramic Resistor - Shenzhen Zenithsun Electronics Tech.CO.,LTD design all kinds of resistors,If you have any comments or suggestions for Wirewound Resistor,Power Resistor and Braking Resistor, please send your E-mail to [email protected],thanks

  • http://www.topresistor.com/zenithsun/ Company Profile of ZENITHSUN — ZENITHSUN RESISTORSResistor,Wirewound Resistor,Power Resistor,Braking Resistor,LED Load Resistor,High Voltage Resistor,Rheostat,Resistance | ZENITHSUN RESISTORS - Shenzhen Zenithsun Electronics Tech.CO.,LTD designed all kind of resistors,If you have any comments or suggestions for Resistors, please send your E-mail to [email protected],thanks.
  • http://www.topresistor.com/resistance/ Products — ZENITHSUN RESISTORSResistor,Wirewound Resistor,Power Resistor,Braking Resistor,Load Resistor,Dummy Load Bank,High Voltage Resistor | ZENITHSUN RESISTORS - Our company offers High Power Resistors ,Aluminum Housed Resistors,Wirewound Resistors,High Voltage Resistor,Water Cooled Resistors ,Load Banks and so on ….Most of our Resistors can be shipped within 2~9 days worldwide and with Attractive Prices!The load bank lead time is 10-15 working days .Small quantity order are available.Payment Terms are T/T ,Western Union ,Paypal ,L/C .
  • http://www.topresistor.com/resistance/wirewound-resistor/hige-power-wirewound-resistor-wirewound-resistor-resistance/ power resistor — ZENITHSUN RESISTORSResistor,Wirewound Resistor,Power Resistor,Braking Resistor,Load Resistor,Ceramic Tube Resistor,Aluminum Housed Resistor | ZENITHSUN RESISTORS - Zenithsun produce the high power wirewound resistor which including DDR series high power smoothwound resistors and DQR series wave-shape ribbon wound resistors。According to different application places,called braking resistor,load resistor,ripple wave resistor,high power wirewound resistors,non-inductive wirewound resistor。owning high power ,high dissipation ,high stability,most durable ect character.Used in inverter,life ,shipping,electricity, welding,power,wind power,solar power and other industries.For customers special requirement,can make high power resistor box and high power resistor cabinet(load bank)。

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  • Serg08 - Help for first time users of generators

    I purchased this generator right after hurricane Irene. After hurricane Irene had damaged power lines in my neighborhood and being without power for 4 days I relied on my car battery to power lamps in my home using a power converter which included battery clamps. I decided to buy a generator as using a car battery during power outages can only go so far. Enter hurricane Sandy, I lost power again for 7 days where my new generator came into play to be used for the first time. I never operated or owned a generator before so I thought listing my experience here on Amazon in detail will help others like me.

  • Judie C. McMath - Greatest Product for Candida

    I've taken this product for some time and I can tell you it definitely works. Even with the first dose, I could feel the difference. It immediately improved the PH of my intestinal tract, I stopped having trouble with diahrrea and loose stools. I've been taking it for several months, and I can tell you it has helped me. As for the reviewer above who stated they had been taking it for three weeks and still had Candida, OF COURSE YOU DO. It takes several months to fully get a good case of candida under control. The literature that comes with the product explains this. The product is pleasant tasting and easy to take. It also suggests that you take a fiber supplement to help cleanse the colon of the dead and dying candida organisms. This is very helpful and I recommend it.

  • Javin - Loved it at first...

    Really enjoyed the mouse the first 4 months of owning it. The sensitivity of the sensor aswell as the movement and weight of it was flawless. Except after the initial 4 months I started to notice that the sensor is starting to go out. Sometimes when you catch yourself moving the mouse it'll automatically make the character that you're playing in a video game to look down. Don't know why or how its happening. Can be a little frustrating when you are in a critical moment in your video game and your character just randomly just looks all the way down and you die. Lol

  • masterbeeb - Ingenious solution to ink frustration... Well worth the investment!

    Just brought this baby home last week. My husband and I LOVE this printer! So happy that I won't have to deal with changing out ink for 2+ years. With the amount of pages we print, we'll probably be able to stretch this supertank of ink out for 3-4 years without refilling... which is AWESOME. Print quality is good - just what we need. Really happy that Epson came up with this ingenious solution to the hassle of changing out ink cartridges. Well worth the investment.

  • Jessica D. Schumacher - Great product at great price

    I have had the crock pot for a week now and have used it three times. Set the timer once and did the temperature manually the other two times. Worked great! I just have to get used to a bigger crock pot so I know how much water/broth to add to dishes! :)

  • Jordan Wittenhagen - 2015 crosstrek

    It fit my crosstrek when I removed the top rubber cushions, it fits snug but I'm afraid it might scratch a little missing the cushions but not worried enough to spend the extra $70 to get the Subaru crossbars

  • Nonyx Nail Gel - Nonyx Nail Gel

    This stuff does work. The only bad thing is the time required. In my case, the nails on both of my big toes were a mess. For the nails to look better, I had to keep applying the gel until the nails grew out. All of the "new" nail was clear and healthy. Once all of the new nail had replaced the bad looking nail, everything was great. But, in the case of toe-nails... That can take 6 to 9 months.