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  • Suresh - 2015 ver is not good.

    using kaspersky for almost 7 years in my laptops and PC. Having some issue with 2015 ver... it takes at least 2 mins for update\rootkit scan from boot up in Win 7 before I can click on any icons in desktop. Never had any problem with 2014 ver. Similar it doesn't work well with firefox browser (which is my fav browser) and stopped using it because of this. Not sure if I'm the only one having this issue...

  • Derrick - Great Product, cultures well too

    This product eliminated some digestive problems I had been having for some months in just a week, just by taking as described on the package. I never thought a billion bacteria would be so effective. I guess the strain really matters. Here's a disclaimer: I don't suggest doing anything but following the manufacturer's directions. However, I have found this product cultures nicely in fresh 2% milk at 75 degrees over 24 hours to make a very neutral tasting yogurt like smoothie drink which is ready for splenda/stevia, honey, real maple syrup, vanilla, blender, or whatever else I plan to use it for. Culturing it in this manner increases the bacteria count by perhaps 100x to 1000x or more, perhaps to well over a trillion bacteria if my research is correct. (assuming a doubling rate of every 60 minutes, with a starting bacteria count of 1/2 billion would yield conservatively a bacteria count well into the trillions)

  • Martin H. Gonzalez - Excellent

    Two years and counting. Very well built. Light and easy to carry, straps are very comfortable. It's got "magical" pockets: everything fits. It stands perfect both on grass and concrete. Would buy it again for sure.

  • Nork - Tried Neat, Epson and Staying with Fujitsu

    Several years ago I bought the Neat Desktop Scanner because of it's slick advertising. Liked the idea I could scan my receipts directly in NeatDesk software and then load the data into Quicken. Well, I worked with the NeatDesk for about two years, unsuccessfully I might add. Boxed it away expecting one day the company would come up with software AND hardware fixes. Then I would move it to my daughter's work. Never happened. Still sitting boxed and collecting dust. Then I went the Epson route. Much better results. Maybe a factor of 15 times better. Great scanner, but by now my own business needs demanded not only a scanner that worked, that the NeatDesk never delivered on, but more efficient than the Epson. Finally bit the bullet and bought the Fujitsu scanner AND their additional software. Never looked back. Fujitsu beats the Epson by a factor of two to three times and the Epson is a very good scanner. Beats the NeatDesk by miles and miles. Here is a case where spending double the money will get your 100 times the benefits: Go for it ... the Fujitsu line of scanners I mean.