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  • SamIam007 - Fantastic!

    My acupuncturist/nutritionist had recommended this years ago, but at the time I didn't have the extra cash to do it. Over the last year or so - I found that I had gained at least 20 lbs was feeling awful. I decided to jump into this cleanse and I couldn't be happier! I have lost 11 lbs. in 15 days. My goal was to lose at least 20, and I am more than halfway there - in just 2 weeks! I feel great and am well on my way to my weight loss goal. I plan to continue with the morning shakes even after my 21 days are over. You very well may feel awful for the first three days, but that is because you are kicking the junk out of your system like processed foods, sugars, caffeine, etc.

  • Melissa Walker - Keep using it; you won't be sorry

    This is a great product! I am 34 and I have decent skin, however, I have the beginnings of fine lines, get dry flakey patches and occasional breakouts in the chin area. This rapid wrinkle repair tackles all of these problems. Just to forewarn, it will cause quite a bit of dry flakiness for the first couple of weeks. You may have to exfoliate up to two times a day, but push through....it's totally worth it.

  • Kevin Krieger - it works

    Fast delivery and it works - pretty cool not seeing the old whip flying around :) while I'm off roading - don't have to worry about branches now either

  • Cameron - It's not "real" cheese and it is great! Period.

    For most people, they want things to taste like the things they can't or choose not to eat. Why? Because that is what we have grown accustom to? You bet. This cheese doesn't taste exactly like cheddar cheese and, in my opinion, only cheddar cheese will and I am ok with that. I don't need my cheddar style cheese to taste just like the moo-cow cheese.

  • Tricksy - Works!

    This works great. I never heard of non-stick foil but once I tried it I will never use regular foil again for cooking. I re-heated pizza on it and the cheese melted down. Usually that would stick to the foil and be impossible to get off. It just slid right off the foil so I could enjoy every bite. I love this product!

  • L.C. - This would be ZERO stars if possible!

    How can Nerium give a "30 day money back guarantee" when they actually mean 30 days from the date of purchase and NOT the date the customer receives the product to try? This is blatant dishonesty and a poor business practice. If Nerium truly stood behind their product, they wouldn't have to hide behind false claims. My attempt at contacting the company to resolve this issue has only provided further dissension when I explain my situation. This is unacceptable customer service and I would not/do not recommend this product or company to anyone.

  • Steve - These bars fit perfect as you would expect from Honda

    These bars fit perfect as you would expect from Honda, as a factory item. I attached kayak carriers (Malone Sea Wings) to these, and everything was perfect. Very well satisfied.