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Virginia Sportsmedicine Institute Physical Therapy Arlington VA - Virginia Sportsmedicine Institute we treat all patients from recreational to professional athletes with care, compassion, and expertise.

  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/meet-our-team.asp Top physical therapist sports medicine professionals Arlington VA - Meet our team of the area’s top physical therapists, certified hand therapists, and leading sports medicine experts
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/about-us.asp About Virginia Sports Medicine Institute physical therapy Arlington VA - Virginia Sportsmedicine provides comprehensive evaluations the highest standard of rehabilitative care, and the newest approaches and treatments available
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/what-to-expect.asp What to expect Virginia Sportsmedicine physical therapy Arlington VA - Virginia Sportsmedicine is a sports medicine, exercise based, physical therapy clinic. We work as a team to ensure the best treatment for our patients
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/billing.asp Insurance Plans Accepted Virginia Sportsmedicine physical therapy Arlington VA - We accept most medical PPO insurance plans. Please contact our office to check on a specific plan, ask questions or make appointments
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/what-is-physical-therapy.asp What is Physical Therapy Virginia Sportsmedicine Institute - Physical Therapy specializes in the evaluation and treatment of orthopedic and soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, fractures and dislocations
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/patient-education.asp Let Virginia Sportsmedicine Institute help with your pain - Pin-point your pain on the body image for information about treatment and pain relief from orthopaedic injuries
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/services-patient-education.asp Virginia Sportsmedicine Institute Physical Therapy Arlington Virginia - At Virginia Sportsmedicine Institute we treat all patients from recreational to professional athletes with care, compassion and expertise.
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/cold-laser.asp Cold Laser Low Level Laser Therapy effective treatment pain relief - Cold Laser is a painless, sterile, non-invasive, drug-free treatment which is used to treat a variety of pain syndromes, injuries, fractures, and pathologies
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/certified-hand-therapist.asp Certified Hand Therapist’s complete extensive training to treat hand and wrist related injuries - Certified hand therapy requires creative abilities, sound knowledge of anatomic, biomechanical, physiologic, and healing principles
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/crutch-walking-training.asp How to walk on crutches, how to climb stairs with crutches - Proper fitting and use of crutches, including how to do stairs and basic bed mobility
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/dry-needling-certified.asp Dry Needling Certified - Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN) is a therapeutic technique used by physical therapists in which a thin needle is inserted into an irritated muscle.
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/game-ready.asp Game Ready Ice system the safe and effective way to ice an injury - Athlete, injured or surgical patient- consider the Game Ready® System to decrease pain and increase recovery times
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/interferential-current-therapy.asp Interferential Current to treat injury pain and aid in healing - Interferential Current indicated for the relief from, chronic pain and post-surgical and post-trauma acute pain from orthopaedic injuries
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/iontophoresis.asp Iontophoresis treatment for pain inflammation orthopaedic injuries - Iontophoresis is a non-invasive method of delivering anti-inflammatory medication into the body
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/kinesio-taping-method.asp Kinesio Taping decrease pain from Orthopaedic injuries - The Kinesio Tape is a rehabilitative taping technique that facilitates the body's natural healing process providing support and stability
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/mcconnell-taping-technique.asp McConnel Tape to relieve knee pain - – McConnell is one of the most common treatment techniques for the treatment of patellofemoral (knee joint) pain
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/medical-sports.asp Sports bracing help decrease pain and prevents injury - Complete line of specialized orthopedic braces and rehabilitative products that offer both injury protection and functional support
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/orthotics.asp Custom orthotics, medically corrective shoe inserts - Custom molded orthotics are individually designed, medically corrective shoe inserts
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/dynamic-splinting.asp Dynamic Splinting for Increased Range of Motion - Orthopedic dynamic splinting stretches joints lacking range of motion due to surgery or injury
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/hand-wrist-splinting.asp Hand/Wrist custom made splints tailored to type of injury - Hand/Wrist splints are custom made by a trained physical therapist. Each splint is specifically tailored to the type of injury
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/physical-therapy-sports-medicine-rehabilitation.asp Physical Therapy Sports Medicine Rehabilitation - Sports medicine therapists work with patients who suffered injuries from sporting activities and can improve and restore mobility
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/traction.asp Cervical Lumbar Traction clinically proven treatment spinal disorders - Traction applies manual or mechanical stretch to mobilize the muscles, and tissues of the spine to relieve pain and increase range of motion
  • http://www.vasportsmedicine.com/patient-forms.asp Patient forms Virginia Sportsmedicine Physical Therapy - Before your physical therapy appointment come prepared by filling out the attached patient forms

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