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City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Toni K - Made absolutely NO DIFFERENCE on our dog. A big ZERO

    I tried this as well with Douxo's Calm Allergy spray. This too, also did not work for my dog. My dog has been literally suffering for 3 years with horrendous skin issues. Our vet recommended this very highly telling us that "THIS" would do the trick. It did not. This is a "leave on" mousse. You put a generous amount in your palms and rub the dog down. The dog loves it because he gets what amounts to an awesome massage! You get a wet and slimy set of hands that is loaded with wet dog hair. Its gross. And worse, it didn't work. Not one bit of relief for my pup and didn't help his skin get one bit better. We did finally get our pup back to health and that was because we added Dinovite to his diet. Again, I probably shouldn't be touting a totally different product, but the Dinovite is the ONLY thing that has worked. And believe me, we've tried literally everything over the past 3 years. I was so hoping that this Mousse would do it, but in our case, it did not help one iota.

  • Phoebe B Beebe - Needs a new name!

    Dear Bic, thank you for this charming pen, although I do wish the ink were scented, perhaps like strawberries or lilacs or kittens.

  • Lance James Systems North America - Very good for safety

    This bath mat is what I've been looking for to make sure that I can safely use the shower without slipping. While I've seen these in hotels and other places, I never actually saw this for sale until now. In general, application is simple as the bottom is made of suction cups that stick to the surface of the shower floor. The treading on this mat provide enough traction to stay standing and work well even with water.

  • cnkasting - A bit of a let-down

    This book was very short. I thought the nature of the relationship between the two main characters was absurd and fast. It does not make sense that in the course of a few hours, the main character would go from thinking the other guy is going to eat her to having sex with him. I liked the premise of the book, and it had a lot of potential, but the story-telling failed to deliver. There were also tons of punctuation errors and several vocabulary issues.

  • Theresa - I love OUIJA

    I absolutely love this board and pointer!! The product is exactly what I expected. The only thing I would say is Hasbro needs to please change the Texture of he board. The pointer will not glide smoothly enough it has some rough areas needs a mod for the board somehow! Other then that love it!!

  • startreker - Good cooking ingredient

    These mushroom cubes add a nice flavor and richness to soups and sauces. Very convenient to use - just like a beef or chicken bullion cube.

  • JacerBro 1125 - Deer Hunter

    This game is freaking sick I love this game I will play this all the time But the only problem is that you should make it easier to get glu points