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Vita Europe | Global Honeybee Health Specialists - British company developing and manufacturing health products for honeybees. Information and contact details.

  • http://www.vita-europe.com/products/apishield-hornet-trap/ ApiShield: Hornet trap | Vita Europe - ApiShield safeguards your bees from the Asian Hornet (Vespa velutina), wasps, wax moth and robber bees. ApiShield will also trap hornet queens.
  • http://www.vita-europe.com/products/beetleblaster/ Beetle Blaster: Small Hive Beetle trap | Vita Europe - Beetle Blaster is a simple, low cost trap to control populations of Small Hive Beetle (Aethina tumida).

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  • Craig Bolon - Good product, poor delivery from Amazon

    We already have one copy of Acronis True Image Premium 2014 and need another. Amazon's price, all in, was about 50 cents lower than B&H Photo Video in NYC, but at that price Amazon would deliver four days from now, while B&H delivers tomorrow. Amazon is kissing away business in software products by failing to provide delivery by download, the standard in business for over 15 years now.

  • Thomas S. - Excellent set of floor mats

    Excellent set of floor mats. Will not buy anything else other than these. Worth their weight in gold protecting the floor.

  • Mr. and Mrs. K. - Way too hard for my 3 year old. Definitely ...

    Way too hard for my 3 year old. Definitely geared for someone older. I tried a couple times and it was an OK game.

  • A. Wright - It Works!

    I tried it...first two weeks were tough..itched more each night I continued to use it.....I did not give up..By week three..I noticed a BIG difference in my awful candida symptoms. Today..(one month later)...I have no itching issues like before. I also see a difference in my skin tone....and I can sleep at night! I have not slept well in YEARS...I say try it..for a month (at least)..before you give up on it...Initially..your symptoms may get worse before they get better..

  • bearwoman - Natures helper

    I got this after hearing about the healing properties of honey. I had some nasty sores on my leg. Put this on and it stung like heck but it did help speed up the healing process. Not a bad tasting honey either. I keep this with my first aid stuff. Saved me from being sent back to the hospital with the sores.

  • The Voracious Reader - Sorely DISSAPPOINTED!!

    I have used Olay Product for about 10 years now and I have always had a great experience. So when I found out about this hair remover I thought it would be just as good. I was a little skeptical at first based on the fact that it was $23 but it was Olay so I felt it would be worth it. I take it home and follow the directions. I liked the balm you put on first because after I put on the cream I didn't feel that tingle or burn like other products. So after keeping it on the recommended 10 minutes I take a cottonball and start to wipe it off. It removed very little hair and the hair that did come off it wasn't the whole hair, it left stubble. The hair started growing back after only 4 days and since it didn't get the whole hair some of the hairs are now ingrown and I will have to tweeze. I was very dissapointed and felt that I just wasted $23 on a product that made my hair problem worse. IF I COULD GET MY MONEY BACK I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY!! I guess it is back to Veet.