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  • Cardon - by far the best

    I first used Align because it was recommended by my gastro doc but due to the high cost I later tried several other popular brands claiming to do the same thing as Align, but my blotting and gas retention returned with a vengence. I then found Align on Amazon and I was really glad to find it was cheaper than any place else and it is also more effective than all other brands I tried.

  • Paul Neale - It's unbelievable tool that I recommend fully.

    As a hotel manager , Microsoft Vizio has been invaluable to mg maintenance team. With all types of templates in the program my team had designed emergency room maps, architectural type of room designs, exterior building designs. It's unbelievable tool that I recommend fully.

  • 50sMom - Indigestion

    Unfortunately this is giving me severe indigestion so I'm not able to take it long enough to see if it slows hair loss or regrows hair. I started on one capsule a day (I take other supplements but did not make any changes in those). After a week, I started taking two a day and after a week, began having indigestion and antacids don't help, I just have to wait for it to leave my system. Went back to one capsule a day, was fine for a couple days then started having indigestion on that dose. Quit taking it and indigestion quit completely. I thought maybe it was interacting with my other supplements so I left them off for a couple days to take this and still had indigestion. I am SO disappointed that this isn't working for me.