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vrphobia.eu • VRMI transforming healthcare through technology - VRMI uses traditional cognitive-behavioral therapy in addition with virtual reality 3D computer simulations and biofeedback for treating patients with stress,anxiety,trauma and chronic pain

  • http://www.vrphobia.eu/clinical-services vrphobia.eu • Conquering Panic, Anxiety and Phobias through Virtual Therapy - VRMI offers clinical services such as treatment of ADHD, panic disorders, PTSD clinical treatment,anxiety disorders and different phobias
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  • Ubikerri - A Must Have for Parents!

    I would give this 10 stars if I could, this is a must have!!! It's super easy to set up both in the room and on your smartphone. The picture quality and sound is excellent. I love that when I am away, I have the ability to check in and see how my little boys are doing. The best part is that I always have my phone with me, so I'm able to do it anywhere at any time!

  • MK717 - Great case with serious protection

    Love it, perfect. Fast delivery, exactly what I wanted. Not a thick case, not too heavy. But solid protection all around. Easy to put the case on the phone, and fits like a glove. Trust in Otterbox (though the price is steep).

  • ATL Native - Better than nothing but not long lasting

    After having a more expensive wine saver kick the bucket on us after a shorter-than-expected lifespan, I wanted a more economical option. This sounded good and I liked the fact that it would click to let you know when you had sucked enough air out. It works better than sticking the old cork back in the bottle and will keep a wine good for 2-3 days after originally opening it (assuming you don't take this out) but I've found the wine has gone bad on or after the 4th day.

  • karen a. perry - Chair is very sturdy and well made

    Chair is very sturdy and well made. Wish there were more video's for leg work but I am very happy so far.