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Waranch & Brown is a Baltimore County based regional litigation practice - Waranch & Brown is a regional litigation practice based in Baltimore County, Maryland, and our clients range from solo practitioners to state-wide hospital systems to national insurance carriers.

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  • Jordan A. Mcclinton - Casper has saved my back

    We love our king sized Casper bed. I have had a lower back disc herniation that has led to back surgery to repair. I haven't had a good nights sleep in probably over a year due to our internal spring mattress not giving me the appropriate support. Having the firm but soft support of this mattress has done wonders for my back. I sleep through the night, and wake up feeling so much better. Buy this bed!! It is awesome.

  • MsBearly - No Virus here!

    I didn't want to buy McAfee at first. Decided to try to revert back to Norton 360 (or something that they have for the total cover), but my PC kept crashing and displaying error messages. Their techs tried to fix the problem, but all they did was incapacitate my computer and still the software wouldn't work. So, I deleted, got a refund and went back to McAfee.

  • Michael - Do it yourself

    Loaded it up and started the process of questions. It definitely will take some time to finish the process but at least you can save it and continue later. I think it will workout just fine.

  • RavenRose - I love books with new ideas of what the supernatural are

    I just finished, and now I am anxiously awaiting the next book!! I love books with new ideas of what the supernatural are, for instance our dear Maximus (Vampire) is not hindered by the sun and eats normal food. I think that with the characters in this book starting at in their community a young age it is a great base to build on. I read a review that doesn't like Jessa being carried so much and that she is emotional, but I find that to be part of the base character and I am interested to see how she grows into the big bad alpha she is destined to be. I see a parallel to Twilight in the way Jacob had a close connection to Bella and then imprinted on her baby, and Maximus's feelings for Jessa being so strong and then her twin falling into the mix. ;) ;) I am looking forward to where this story is going with the Dragon King and Romania. I assume the dreams Jessa is having of the other 2 dragons is the 2 ladies that were breaking the Marked out of Prison. Exciting!!! Of Course I didn't get enough of Braxton whom I am certain is Jessa's Mate!! I hope I hope I hope!! But we leave off with Jessa still having missed Breakfast and us starving for more! Can't wait for the next Book!!

  • j523 - awesome

    My dad wanted this for father's day...him opening up the gift and his face was priceless ..asked him what he thought about the book ..he said "love it! Being updated on things is always good"

  • sparky - My eye doctor gave me a sample of it and it works great, so I bought extra

    I'm 68 years old and have dry eye. My eye doctor gave me a sample of it and it works great, so I bought extra. I didn't realize that my problem was dry eye, until I used this solution. I use it twice a day and now my wife is using it also. It takes that burning away and seems for me to help me adjust to the sun. I'm very happy with Systane Ultra and highly recommend it.