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  • JBDragon - I wish I could give it a -1!

    I'm a long time SimCity player. I've owned them all, Including the Original SimCity on my Commodore 64 so many years ago!!! There are a number if issues I have with this game, but lets start with a few I'm having. This game requires a ALWAYS ON INTERNET CONNECTION!!! Why for a SimCity game?!?!?! #1 reason is Digital Rights Management. It's suppose to be for the Social Aspects of the game, which I really don't give a crap about but that's their excuse.

  • Orgainc mama-san - The good, bad and the ugly rides again

    The good, bad and the ugly rides again. This one is not the Clint Eastwood's western but predictable & the "good" rides into the sunset. Yes the "Rock" Dewayne Johnson still got it although he is no young spring chicken might I add. He is huge again & trained hard to look the part. O' dang, the miracles of the "supplements "! In my opinion he is a good actor & have always enjoyed his wrestling & acting careers. Yes the misfits of the Greek Gods must lend a helping hand to the oppressed & endure many heartaches as well as headaches. Violent & bloody, not for the little ones or the faint of heart. Many nice special effects with great costumes. If you enjoy Greek Mythology with a different spin to Hercules, then you may like this.


    Symantec has the best software CUSTOMER SUPPORT I've ever dealt with. Haven't used anything but Norton on my computers and have NEVER had a virus enter my pc that Norton did not automatically catch and remove. LIVE customer support is FANTASTIC and FAST here.