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Wereldhave - Wereldhave invests in convenience shopping centres that are dominant in their micro environment in larger provincial cities in northwest continental Europe. We focus on shopping centres that have a sound balance between shopping convenience and experience. With easy accessibility, an offer that covers 90% of shopping needs of goods and services, successful (inter-) national and local retail formulas and strong food anchors, our centres provide convenience shopping to accommodate an ageing population, ongoing urbanisation and a busy lifestyle.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Penney Snyder - Beware!

    I ordered 2 seresto collars. 1 for my Cat and 1 for my Dog. My Cats collar came 2 days before my Dogs collar. I immediately put the collar on her and that night she slept with me and my Dog in the same bed which I have recently read that you should not let the animal sleep in your bed with a Seresto collar. Anyways, the next day at approximately 8 in the morning, my Dog had a seizure. She has never had a seizure in her life! I called the Vet and they said that she must have had a toxic reaction to something. I immediately took the collar off of my Cat. My Dog has been fine ever since and there hasn't been a seizure since. I do not recommend this collar!

  • William Scott - Prefect Grill for repainting near OEM Paint!

    I purchased this grill actually to replace a sub-standard one which I had gotten. This grill's finish is smooth which is PERFECT to prep for painting. Other grills which I have seen required two hours of prep before they were ready to shot with colour. This one, being a smooth finish, allowed for quicker time prepping to scuff before applying DBC base coat and then the clear. Grill looks AWESOME! Since this is plastic the colour will never be a match to any part which was metal underneath, but it is very, very close. Very happy with the outcome and will HIGHLY recommend this Grill. Thank you for an excellent product.

  • Bruce Wilson - Surprisingly refractive

    Well, I guess that being surprisingly refractive is what crystal is supposed to do. I hang mine on an aluminum Christmas tree, mounted on a rotating stand, so the little rainbows it casts when the sun hits it as it rotates make it that much more pleasant during the day.

  • justdave - Quit using it

    My license on this expires in april 2016 but i have removed it from my desktop. It's a little intrusive with all the notices, some you can turn off. I was not impressed with its virus, pup, and malware findings. Things got through it's filters and i un-installed. I'm now running 7 computer security programs and i use different ones for different purposes, all free. Sometimes it's better to one thing well than try to be all things to all situations.

  • jeremysgirl82 - Highly Recommend!

    This diaper cream has worked better than anything else we've tried! My son has severe diaper rash when he's teething. We've tried all the traditional creams and this works better and faster than all of them. We use a Qtip and slather it on. It usually clears up quickly! Highly recommend!