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Westie Rescue - Home - Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for West Highland White Terriers, Westies, to help control the animal population by spaying and neutering our dogs before they are placed in permanent homes, and to provide the public with education

  • http://www.westierescueoc.com/adoptable_westies Westie Rescue -  Adoptable Westies - Westie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond is pleased to present some of our Adoptable Westies  Please send in your application today© 2014 Westie Rescue of Orange County & BeyondAll of our rescues are fostered in private homes throughout California where the
  • http://www.westierescueoc.com/2016_adopted Westie Rescue - 2016 Adopted - Westie Rescue of Orange County & BeyondPresents our 2016 Adopted Westies and their new families(click on the bottom right corner of each picture for a bigger picture)How you can help these adorable Westies:Foster Homes, Transporters, Event Volunteers, & Do
  • http://www.westierescueoc.com/corporate_sponsors Westie Rescue - Corporate Sponsors - WROC'S BASKET BONANZA FACEBOOK AUCTIONCORPORATE SPONSORS WROC has tremendous support from the corporate community.  We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors who help make our annual Fund Raiser such an amazing success.THANK YOU!!
  • http://www.westierescueoc.com/volunteer Westie Rescue - Volunteer - Become a WROC Volunteer Volunteering strengthens our community by making it easier for good people and good causes to connect. Westie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond is not only about dogs.  We are a community that believes in the power of volunteering to
  • http://www.westierescueoc.com/forever_fosters Westie Rescue - Forever Fosters - Westie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond presents ourForever Foster Program Sometimes when we bring a senior dog into our care, we find out they have a life threatening medical condition.  They are not available for adoption for a variety of reasons; some h
  • http://www.westierescueoc.com/adopted_2009 Westie Rescue - 2009 Adopted Westies - Westie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond is delighted to show you more of our 2009 Adopted Westies and their new families:  (click on the bottom right corner of the picture for a bigger picture)
  • http://www.westierescueoc.com/adopted_2008 Westie Rescue - Adopted Westies - Westie Rescue of OC & Beyondis delighted to show you our 2008 Adopted Westies and some of their Adoptive Families:
  • http://www.westierescueoc.com/adoption_application Westie Rescue - Adoption Application - ADOPTING FROM WROCIf you care...please share...click on the button to donate to WROC  Thank you for considering adopting a future family member from us.  Adopting a rescue is one of the most loving gifts you can give to animal friends. WROC rescues Westies
  • http://www.westierescueoc.com/the_westie_diet Westie Rescue - Our Westie's Diet - THE WESTIE DIETRecipes from the Rescue Kitchen,These delicious recipes were developed exclusively by Westie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond and will tempt the most finicky eater! DAN’S HIGHLANDER HASH, Perry's no peek chicken, Stanleys Wild about Salmon
  • http://www.westierescueoc.com/relinquishing_a_westie Westie Rescue - Relinquishing a Westie - CAN WE HELP? Family circumstances change all too often, new baby, moving, domestic break-up, work commitments, going into care, death in the family, financial concerns, or any multitude of reasons why the dog can no longer receive the company, exercise or
  • http://www.westierescueoc.com/about_us Westie Rescue - About Us - Westie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond, Huntington Beach, CADid you know, you may find our website at our new address www.westierescuecalifornia.com? Our MissionWestie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes fo
  • http://www.westierescueoc.com/the_perry_fund Westie Rescue - The Perry Fund Established for our Seniors - The Perry Fund Established for our Senior WestiesThe “Perry Fund” has been established in honor of this special and deserving Westie.  See his complete story below.  Donations will assist our mission to provide the best medical care for our senior Westies
  • http://www.westierescueoc.com/contact_us Westie Rescue - Contact Us - Adopt your own superhero today from Westie Rescue of Orange County & BeyondHuntington Beach, California!
  • http://www.westierescueoc.com/our_westie_diet_success Westie Rescue - Our Westie Diet Success - Our Westie Diet Success Stories (scroll down for our success pictures)We receive many Westies in our program that were relinquished by their owners or turned in to shelters because they suffer from skin disorders.  Many are due to neglect, some because the
  • http://www.westierescueoc.com/holiday_photoshoot_registration Westie Rescue - WROC's PhotoshootRegistration - **JOIN US FOR THE FUN**WROC's Holiday Photo ShootSaturday, November 5, 2016Saturday, November 5, 201610:00am-2:00pmStilwell Drive, Huntington Beach, CA CLICK HERE FOR PRE REGISTRATION

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  • Unclefatty - Good idea but poor execution.

    After trying this for a couple of months I'm ready to weigh in. First off I should explain that I'm an intermediate guitarist and have been playing for years. I thought this would be a fun way to learn new songs and possibly improve my chops. In this regard Rocksmith isn't a complete fail. It can help you do those things. There a bit of a learning curve since your brain is forced to learn the music in a new way which isn't as intuitive as basic tab. Also because the game has you identifying the strings by color and fret you really aren't learning the note names which is fundamental in learning music theory. But my biggest issue with Rocksmith is that when you are learning a new song the game is structured so that you are learning a few notes here and there throughout the song. Then as you progress the game adds a few more random notes and so on. This is very counterintuitive to any one who has ever learned to play a song outside of Rocksmith. Normally when you learn a song you would learn a musical phrase in its entirety and then once you know that phrase you can add another and so on- thus building your song. It's very difficult to learn a song in the random note Rocksmith method. I eventually bailed and went outside the game to learn the tabs of a song, then came back to play it after I had learned it. By doing it this way I could learn a song in about a tenth of the time.

  • Alex - Very small and compact, which is what I was ...

    Very small and compact, which is what I was looking for. Reception definitely dropped over the stock antenna on the Jeep, but I no longer have it smacking the windshield when wheeling.

  • Vetteguy - Great fun

    I love the exhaust sound from my LS3 when the baffles open at 3500 rpm on the dual mode exhaust system but wished I had more control. A fellow Vette owner told me about this product. It was very easy to install and it works great. I leave the baffles open most of the time. When my wife is in the car I get told to go to the quiet mode, just a push of the button on the remote.

  • Debra Bullock - BEWARE - Shop Local

    The worst customer support on the planet! I purchased the 30 day "custom" diet plan with workout guide, etc., also got the pack of 30 day supplements to go with it. I had to deal with website issues and no return phone calls from my support representative, the "Regional Sales Manager" who gave me his direct number to call any time I had a question. I spent hundreds of dollars. My custom workout guide was a list of exercises. When I emailed them to inquire what some of them were, 8 days later my email answer was to Google them. Most of the material is in pdf form and only 1/2 of them would print. Supplements were okay, nothing to brag about. I did feel a little skin burning but it was intermittent and not an issue. I would not recommend this company. Do your research and go to GNC or a local business in your area where you can receive adequate support. Lesson learned :(

  • Hash Adamu-Atta - not working

    i am very upset with this item( i bought 2) this time around and now i cant use it cos is says it cannot be activated in ghana. last year i bought this exact same antivirus and cos it was so good i bough again this year and got it shipped to GHANA. now it is here it is asking for activation code!! THIS IS WHAT I BOUGHT: 3 user,1 year kaspersky antivirus 2013 activation code:62Y3T-C6EU7-GFRPB-KF5RA AND 3 user,1 year kaspersky antivirus 2013 activation code:VKYCN-UGZWE-U9ZF5-3GDMA....HELP SO I CAN CONTINUE TO BUY YOUR PRODUCT YEAR AFTER YEAR...THANKS!!! IT WILL COST MORE TO SEND TO U THAN THE ACTUAL ITEM!!!

  • Florida Hillbilly - Good read... I'll get other books by Horn to read

    Good book... some redundancies in it, but overall it was a good read. I enjoy exploring different opinions on God's Revelation. We'll all find for ourselves in time, won't we? This is much about conspiracy theories of different sorts -- reasons we should watch our back -- and reasons to question your own loyalties. I do this anyway, but it is fun to read others' writing about it.