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Galbraith Mountain Pediatric Dentistry | Childrens Dentist | Bellingham WA - Pediatric dental care. We refer to orthodontists and oral surgeons. Fillings and sealants. Friendly staff. Dedicated service as your children's dentist.

  • http://www.whatcomsmiles.com/our-practice/1979765 Our Practice | Our Clinic | Financial Assistance | Bellingham, WA - Our practice. Our reception area. Our clinic. Customized appointments. Financial options. Dedicated pediatric dental care and wellness. Call 360-733-7708.
  • http://www.whatcomsmiles.com/new-patient-visits/1979747 New Patient Visits | Tour | Examination | Dental Treatment | Bellingham, WA - New patient visits. Tours. Examinations. Customized dental treatment plans. Diet and pacificer habits. Fluoride and tooth eruptions. Call 360-733-7708.
  • http://www.whatcomsmiles.com/dental-x-rays/1979548 Digital Dental X-Rays | Panoramic X-Rays | Pediatric | Bellingham WA - We do Digital dental X-rays for children as well as digital panoramic X-rays. Cavity detection and tooth development are important parts of Pediatric Dentistry.
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  • http://www.whatcomsmiles.com/space-maintainers/1979749 Space Maintainers | Appliances | Metal And Plastic | Bellingham, WA - Space maintainers. Metal or plastic appliances. Skillful techniques. Premature primary tooth loss. Quality care. Cutting edge products. Call 360-733-7708.
  • http://www.whatcomsmiles.com/sedation/1979748 Sedation | Nitrous Oxide | Local Anesthesia | Hydroxyzine | Bellingham, WA - Our sedation process. Nitrous oxide. Local anesthesia. General anesthesia. Hydroxyzine, diazepam and midazolam. Pain relief and relaxation. Call 360-733-7708.
  • http://www.whatcomsmiles.com/emergency-faq/1979546 Emergency FAQs | Knocket Out Teeth | Toothaches | Bellingham, WA - Call us for 24-hour emergency care. Emergency FAQs. Knocked out teeth. Chips or fractures. Toothaches. Primary and permanent teeth. Call 360-733-7708.
  • http://www.whatcomsmiles.com/contact/1979481 Chad H. Galbraith DDS PS - 360-733-7708 | Bellingham, WA - Contact Chad H. Galbraith DDS PS today at 360-733-7708 or send us an email to [email protected]. Fillings, sealants, dental X-rays, space maintainers.

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  • avirtualcfo - Updated 7/4/2016-Amazon Video Support for this 2016 Model

    Amazon Video is not supported for this 2016 model TV according to Amazon customer service. We are unable to even get to an Amazon sign in screen and have spent 2 hours on the phone with both Samsung and Amazon each stating it is not their issue. After discussing with Samsung and performing factory resets I was directed to call Amazon because it was a software issue. When calling Amazon, the customer service rep said they were unable to authorize a new download of the app to the TV and I had to talk to Samsung because the 2016 model was not a supported model. After expressing my displeasure, the condescending comment I received was "Are you finished talking?" and "There is nothing further we can do for you". Wow.

  • Bill M. - This device ("Foscam Active PoE Spliter Adapter, IEEE 802 ...

    This device ("Foscam Active PoE Spliter Adapter, IEEE 802.3af") has max input of 48 volts, which is incompatiable with "Foscam Active PoE Injector Adapter, IEEE 802.3af" which has max output of 56 volts!... meaning it gets hot as heck after a few minutes of working...then the ipcam stops working, and makes you wonder if its been fried... Can't be the Cat5e cable because i checked it with a southwire two end tester and it comes back with zero faults and 4 green lights...