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New Jersey LASIK | Wills Laser Vision of Princeton - Wills Laser Vision offers some of New Jersey's top technology and top physicians for laser eye surgery. Where your eyes are concerned, go for the best.

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  • A. Breithaupt - Really need the balance board to get the whole workout.

    The game requires you to have the balance board to give you any feedback on about half the exercises. Even the exercises that only require the wii remote really do not give you that good of feedback of how you are doing. Many times while thinking I am doing the exercise exactly how I am suppose to the wii remote does not even register one or two reps of the workout. It does have a useful build you own workout, using the available exercises. It is a major improvement over the 2009 version, but they have a long way to go before it is a 5 star workout.

  • Amazon Customer - Four Stars

    One drops connection periodically for no reason. Finally just stopped working except to charge , switch /pause songs or power off.

  • Lisa - they look great and hold up well

    they look great and hold up well. I have ordered them years before and only needed to order again because when Toyota rotated my tires they broke the clip that held one of the caps in place.

  • Leigh - Fit perfect

    Bought these overpriced mudguards. They fit perfect and went on easy w/o taking any wheels off. Just turn the steering wheel when putting front mud flap on. Reason for 4 stars is the price, otherwise perfect.