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Home | Winchester Hospital - Located in northwest suburban Boston, Winchester Hospital is the leading provider of comprehensive medical care, patient support and community education.

  • http://www.winhosp.org/careers Careers and Jobs | Winchester Hospital | Winchester Hospital - Named as one of the best places to work by Boston Globe and Boston Business Journal, Winchester Hospital at Lahey Health offers a variety of opportunities. Join us!
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  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services Our Services | Winchester Hospital - Winchester Hospital offers a range of medical care through different Departments & Centers focused on treating any condition you have or procedure you need.
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  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services/medical-care/departments-centers/cancer-care-center/cancer-care-center Cancer Care Center | Winchester Hospital - Cancer Care Center at Winchester Hospital, north of Boston, Massachusetts, offering award-winning, state-of-the-art cancer treatment.
  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services/medical-care/departments-centers/emergency-services/emergency-services Emergency Services | Winchester Hospital - Emergency department and services at Winchester Hospital, north of Boston, Massachusetts, including a walk-in center for urgent care.
  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services/medical-care/departments-centers/imaging-services/imaging-services Imaging Services | Winchester Hospital - Imaging services from Winchester Hospital, north of Boston, Massachusetts, including CT scans, mammography, bone density tests, colonoscopy and more.
  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services/medical-care/departments-centers/laboratory-services/laboratory-services Laboratory Services | Winchester Hospital - From basic blood tests to complicated pathological studies, Winchester Hospital Laboratory Services offers fast turnaround times with no appointment necessary.
  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services/medical-care/departments-centers/maternity-services/maternity-services Maternity Care | Winchester Hospital - Maternity care services at Winchester Hospital, north of Boston, Massachusetts, for low-risk and high-risk pregnancies.
  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services/medical-care/departments-centers/primary-care/primary-care Primary Care | Winchester Hospital - Primary care from Winchester Hospital, north of Boston, Massachusetts, including how to choose a doctor and personal physician.
  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services/medical-care/departments-centers/surgical-services/surgical-services Surgical Services | Winchester Hospital - Surgical services at Winchester Hospital,north of Boston,Massachusetts,including outpatient surgery and state-of-the-art technology.
  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services/patient--family-support/patient--family-support Patient & Family Support | Winchester Hospital - Patient and family support services at Winchester Hospital,north of Boston,Massachusetts,including home care,support groups,physician referral.
  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services/community-education--training/community-education--training Community Education & Training | Winchester Hospital - Community education and training at Winchester Hospital,north of Boston,Massachusetts,including CPR,first aid and other learning opportunities.
  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services/patient--family-support/home-care/home-care Home Care | Winchester Hospital - Home care available through Winchester Hospital, north of Boston, Massachusetts, brings the care you need in the comfort of your home.
  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services/community-education--training/childbirth--baby-care/childbirth--baby-care Childbirth Classes | Winchester Hospital - Childbirth Classes and Resources; including prepared childbirth and breastfeeding support
  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services/patient--family-support/lifeline/lifeline Lifeline | Winchester Hospital - Lifeline available through Winchester Hospital, north of Boston, Massachusetts, is a personal emergency response system for independent living.
  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services/community-education--training/cpr--first-aid/cpr--first-aid CPR & First Aid Classes | Winchester Hospital - CPR, basic life support, first aid and babysitting classes from Winchester Hospital, north of Boston, Massachusetts.
  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services/patient--family-support/support-groups/support-groups Support Groups | Winchester Hospital - Support groups from Winchester Hospital, north of Boston, Massachusetts, including weight loss, breastfeeding, diabetes, cancer and more.
  • http://www.winhosp.org/our-services/community-education--training/stroke-awareness/stroke-awareness Stroke Awareness | Winchester Hospital - Stroke awareness information from Winchester Hospital, north of Boston, Massachusetts, a designated Primary Stroke Service Hospital.

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  • Elemental - Great Mirror!

    Awesome? yup! his is the best baby mirror ever. When I first received it I thought the installation look complicated, but it was really easy. It actually pivots on its holder so you can position it to the exact spot you need it in and it stays there. I have had other ones that moved or because of the way you installed them you couldn't ever position then right. This one is awesome. It not only stays in position, but it is also large enough that I can see my daughters whole body not just his face. I also love that it adjust to the headrest with straps, so it fits in every vehicle we use. I highly recommend this product : )

  • Twiddle Dee - Expandable socks

    The first time in a long time knee high socks actually fit. The socks stay in place and did not work down. I wished the insert matched better. However, under slack you can not see the insert.

  • ReeViewinit - They Work

    We live in a VERY humid climate, and I had noticed an odor in our house I couldn't get rid of - especially being sensitive to chemicals. We are scheduled to have mold removal specialists take out some drywall due to a roof leak, so it has been pretty intense in this house. I began wondering if the humidity might be making things worse, so I decided to try DampRid while we had to wait to get started with repairs. Let me say right now... It took that odor out of the house! You notice in the most humid of rooms (bathrooms) that the DampRid "melts" and the liquid accumulates much quicker. (Makes sense.) I am very happy with DampRid and have already purchased replacements so we won't run out.

  • Hanan Mahmoud - It really does work!!!

    All my life I was struggling with weight..Before I got married,I lost 50 lbs!! (from 177 to 127lbs). I was with a nutritionist who charged me in 2 months around USD5000!! She used to give me supplements that I were Chinese and only she knows how to get them!!! After I got pregnant and delivered my baby, I went from 127 lbs to 205!!! So, I gave up on losing weight.. my body is the kind that wont let go of the weight that easily.. and I didnt want to waste all that money -especially while having a baby - to someone who will help me loose all the weight then gain it back even more!! I said how whould i ever lose 78lbs??!!

  • Aransome01 - Works, but not alone!....Still try it!

    I have been taking it for about a week for a re occurring YI. (the only occur before my period, if I eat a lot of sugar) . At first I took two pills a day for a weeks, then dropped down to one. These pills work, but not alone. You have to cut out all sugar, and I also drink about a gallon of water a day. I also wear pants as little as possible at home hehehe :) I also take a garlic supplement, and a Pau D arco supplement.