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  • Bradybrain - Nice one

    I'm 23 and I started to notice that my hair was thinning 3 years ago. I have always had a shaved head since I was a kid, so at first it didn't really notice. I was starting to get to the stage however that I was becoming very conscious of my hair and under strong lights, the hair loss was very noticeable. for the last year or so every time I would look in the mirror, my hair loss would be getting worse and worse. although I had not attained any complete bold spots, they were not too far off forming.

  • Matt Stone - Good for all sorts of things!

    Honestly, everyone seems to like this one, and so far it has never hurt my fish. I sprinkle a little every time I add new water, it seems to make them feel better. Heck, I even add a few drops to my drinking water now. The sulfur tastes horrid but I know it must be doing good things for me. I can hardly taste it in juice.

  • Amanda Jo - Great fit and function

    My boyfriend loves these for his dodge truck and so do I! No more laboring over his black carpets at the carwash. Great fit and function.

  • Sean - If you still have anything hooked up to your HDTV with old AV cables, change them if you can.

    If you still have anything hooked up to your HDTV with old AV cables, change them if you can. On a 60" Sharp Aquos, there was a slight difference in picture. The real difference was with the audio. I had an old Bluray player for a long, long time. So long that it used to be hooked up to a tube TV. Back then they didn't include HDMI cables with a new purchase. Sound was always a bit muted, no matter how I adjusted it. Especially dialogue. On many movies, the sound effects would cover up what was being said. Not a problem now. I did this a while back with my PS3 and the difference was amazing. That time I bought the Sony cables. These Amazon cables are half the price but work just the same.

  • s.wrrn - On my second bottle now

    I use a pump of this twice a day. I used to apply it only at night, but when I started using a prescription retinoid acne cream, my jacked-up skin needed some extra help and nourishment. This oil helped my skin through those dark times of adjusting to the retinoid and kept the flaky irritation at bay. I should also note that I switched over to Acure after Josie Maran's argan oil for over a year. Acure's argan oil is by far more affordable and I feel like Acure is a pretty down to earth brand that's also knowledgeable with their formulations and products (e.g. I like how this glass bottle is UV-etched to protect the argan oil from sun exposure). This argan oil feels thicker than Josie Maran's and does have an earthy smell to it–the oil feels less "processed" and more like a product of the earth, in my opinion. And from my personal perspective (and everyone is different), I don't think this product smells as horrific as other reviewers said (though their reviews are pretty funny to read, lol). To me it kind of smells like cardboard or something. It doesn't absorb too quickly though, so I'm sure to let it sit for a few minutes and use a primer if applying makeup on top.