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  • Paisley - Bought for my dad

    The product was packaged appropriately and safety upon arrival. The instructions were clear and concise as well. My dad was very excited to start the process and is looking forward to drinking his own homemade brew. Another perk that may not be advertised, is when you sign up on the Mr. Beer website, they will send you a free thermometer and timer to supplement your kit for FREE.

  • Nebraska George - Residency not a requirement.

    The New Yorker Magazine consistently is one of the more erudite periodicals produced in the United States,engaging many of us living outside the Big Apple in the wilderness, west of the Appalachians.

  • Helixmomof9 - Essentially great

    While I would love to give this product a t star review, I cant. While I recieved 100% awesome seller communications the bottle itself was 1/4th empty and had leaked inside the box, which I'm sure it is the shippers fault. Product itself Is TOP NOTCH. Perfect scent. I was eased at the oils itself. I will order more oils again in the future. I received this product discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Margaret Oertel - Perfect!

    perfect - the contour of my windows had rain dripping on my electronics but now - it's nice and dry.

  • bone - Timbuk2

    It's not as secure or comfortable as I expected. I have to wear it very high on my back. And it takes longer than I'd like to get it secure before starting my ride. First time I used it I thought it was secure. My first climb, i left the saddle and the bag crept down and hampered my steering. So, it's OK. I like all the pockets and zips.

  • T. Fisher - excellent read, the truth will prevail!

    Coudnt put ther book down. this woma needs to pay for her crimes and not get anywhere near the oval office.