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  • Jay Riley - As A Political Moderate, I Was Impressed.

    As someone who spent part of his childhood in Thailand during the Vietnam war, am multi-cultural and multi-lingual as a result, I may have seen this differently than most who watch this. I am a Buddhist, child of Anthropologists, raised in a fairly liberal American household growing up. Having become more conservative as I've aged, I still do not fit neatly in a single political or social box. I give this background for much the same reason D'Souza gave his in the movie, to allow the reader to judge my biases for themself.

  • Brooke Lynn - This stuff is awesome! I know some people reviewed that it's just ...

    This stuff is awesome! I know some people reviewed that it's just the product melting, but I don't believe that. I was sweating so much. Not only does it make you sweat, but it warms up your muscles. Usually I'm tight in certain areas during a workout, but this helps tremendously. I never feel sore the day after I work out and I just can't say enough positive feedback. It's so worth the money!

  • S. Runkle - DO NOT PURCHASE

    It will not install under Windows 8 without jumping through a mountain of hoops. Tech support does NOT exist. I will never buy Roxio products again. Save your money. Nero has Roxio beat this round.

  • Cal Gal - Great Resource!

    I never do my taxes without Lasser's. Well written, easy to follow explanations of a difficult tax code. Needs at least one copy of all of the tax forms included to make it perfect. In our world of identity theft, doing taxes online is not the best option. And even if online is your favorite option, you need to understand your return.

  • Amazon Customer - Delicious!

    A sweet twist on apple juice. I really like this apple cherry juice. Its also a big hit with the rest of the family. I do find it very sweet but I usually water down my juice anyway. I recommend trying this juice. Plus its 100% juice, you cant beat that!

  • MDard - Good product, but no CD

    I've used Kaspersky for years and find it very effective. Customer service online is very friendly, very complete. I guess when I bought this from Amazon, I was expecting a same day delivery of a CD. I got the same day delivery but it was only the activation code. Seems a waste of money to send a carrier out on the same day when the activation code could have simply been provided once you make your purchase. Although the listing does not show "NO CD", keep in mind when you take delivery of this, there is NO CD. Only the activation code in a DVD box.

  • D. Scott - An "okay" space adventure/horror story but NO science or believability at all

    Okay, the first couple of books in this series were dark as well as depressing but sort of okay. This latest addition, however, barely was readable. If you have had elementary school science, then this series will stretch your patience. There is also very little consistency of weaponry, armor, ships, species, or the various abilities supposedly each has. For an example, the giant centipedes are immune to plasma blasts one second but a .50 cal machine gun destroys the bug..... Then there are so many basic mistakes regarding space travel and vacuum that you really should just skip the space battles. I won't even get into the failure of the atmospheric battles or how fires and sound do not flourish in vacuum.